Friday, June 11, 2021

Senator Lauren Book violates Senate rules by not voting on important bill, was too busy chatting with colleague to vote

Way to show those leadership capability, Senator Book. I guess the airhead just did what airhead blondes typically do, i.e., spacing out.

Five of the worst bills deserve a four-letter word: V-E-T-O | Editorial



MAY 15, 2021 AT 7:00 AM

Home-based businesses (HB 403)

This bill poses the most immediate threat to Floridians’ quality of life by blocking cities and counties from sensibly enforcing local zoning laws to control home-based businesses. Under the guise of promoting free enterprise, it’s another Republican attack on home rule. Possibly coming to a street near you: boat repairs, scooter rentals and car stereo installations. (Hey, turn it up!)

If that won’t justify a veto, try this: It passed the Senate 19-18, with three senators present but not voting, a violation of Senate rules. One of the three was Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book, D-Plantation, who told us she was distracted talking to a colleague and the electronic voting system closed too fast. Sen. Gary Farmer, D-Lighthouse Point, called for a re-vote, but Senate President Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, said Farmer’s point of order came too late.

If any one of the nonvoting three had voted no, this awful bill would not have passed. Only DeSantis’ pen can stop this abomination.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

FL Senator Gary Farmer says a ‘stench’ surrounds the actions Senator Lauren Book on gambling deal

It has been a rough few months for FloriDUH Senator Gary Farmer. He's been in a feud with Senator Lauren Book, and Book has used her influence to replace him as Senate Democratic leader. Senator Book, whose only reason for being in her position is because of her lobbyist father is now among the most powerful politician in the state. Most politicians have to work of it, but like many thinks in Lauren Book's life, she's had it handed to her on a silver, money-stuffed platter.

I have made my feelings about the Book Crime Family clear. But at least with Ron Book, what you see (a vile, hateful, disgusting creature) is what you get. Lauren Book is far worse because she puts on a mask and pretends to care about people and acts nice and sweet. But while Ron Book will attack you head on, Lauren Book will pretend to listen, then stab you in the back. 

Don't forget, Lauren still takes marching orders from daddy, just like she did when she voted to reinstate Sheriff Israel, a slap to the face of the Parkland school shooting victims. This led to the following condemnation by one of the victims of the shooting:

"Eight deputies were outside while shots were being fired," Pollack added. "Something I'm so disgusted about the last few days is Florida Sen. Lauren Book, someone who has served on the MSD commission. [She] knew all the facts, watched my sister get murdered, but still voted to reinstate Sheriff Israel. She sold out the community of Broward county and put our children at risk."

In this feud, the Books once again try playing the victim angle, and through out the "misogynist" label, a label Lauren used recently on her social media to attack the community of people derogatorily called "incels":

Senator Book is quite good at hiding behind a victim narrative and hiding behind feminist propaganda. This simply goes to show that Democrats are just as backwards in FloriDUH as the Republicans are. 

From the following:

STILL THERE’S TURBULENCE — “Gary Farmer says ‘stench’ surrounds actions of Florida Senate Democratic leader on gambling deal,” by POLITICO’s Gary Fineout: A long-running feud between two Broward County Democrats exploded once again into the open as Sen. Gary Farmer criticized fellow Sen. Lauren Book for sponsoring a change to state gambling law sought by lobbying clients of her father. It’s yet another chapter of the saga between Farmer and Book (D-Plantation). Just last month, she replaced Farmer (D-Fort Lauderdale) as Senate Democratic leader after Democrats pushed to oust Farmer from the job.

Farmer’s opinion — He amplified those remarks to reporters afterwards, calling Lauren Book’s actions improper and that it had a “stench” surrounding it. “I think it was inappropriate for anyone to handle the amendment, but especially her,” Farmer said. He added that “I think if someone else had done that amendment, it would at least take away some of that stench. Get used to it.”

The Books blast back — Lauren Book called his assertions “ridiculous” and said his criticism is linked to the “drama and bulls—” surrounding the recent decision by Senate Democrats to replace him with her. “It’s clear that’s what this is about,” Book said… Ron Book went further than his daughter, accusing Farmer of “gutter politics.” He contended that Farmer, an attorney with long-running ties to the group that represents trial attorneys, often sponsored measures that benefited trial attorneys and lobbied his colleagues about it. “This is more bad misogynistic behavior by Sen. Farmer,” said Ron Book, referring to past dust-ups between Farmer and his daughter.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Ron and Lauren Book's own words bluntly show their long seeded animus towards people on the sex offense registry

No one has to "trick" Ron or Lauren to revealing their animus towards Registered Persons. They freely spew their venom because they belileve they are above the law. They've done this long before they even heard of any Anti-Registry Movement. Just listen to the myriad of available videos on Youtube and elsewhere. Videos from as far back as at least 2008 show the Book Crime Family using the same tired talking points they will say today. 

The only difference between Ronald Stagger-Lee Book and Bimbo Book is that Ron Book doesn't even try to hide the BS. Lauren puts on an act pretending like she's rational or nicer but it doesn't take a lot  to get her to drop the sweetness act. The worst type of bullies are those who play the victim role, and use that victim role as a shield to deflect any criticism that comes her way. 

While I think both of these lowlifes disgust me immensely, I actually have more respect for Ron than his braindead daughter because he doesn't try to hide the fact he's a piece of trash and would stab you in the chest while staring you in the face, whereas Lauren will try to pretend to care about people but will stab you in the back, just like she did to the Parkland School Shooting Victims. 

I present to you, Ron and Lauren Book. The quotes below stand out to me. While they're not ALL about Registered Persons, all quotes give us insight into the mind of these two unsavory characters. 

Here are a few choice quotes from the Untouchable documentary:

Quotes from Ron & Lauren Book from “Untouchable”

Ron Book Quotes

Ron Book: “Hate? Vengeance? You bet, you bet. Do I want to ever keep that from happening to anybody else ever again? To the last gasp of air in my body. To the last breath of air in my body. I couldn’t possibly do enough. I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t. There are bad people out there. 

Ron Book: “I believe there is an absolute certainty that pedophiles will reoffend. Sentence them to having their fingernails pulled out of their hands, pulling their hair out one at a time. Sentence them to waterboarding every day. Throw the keys away. I used to be a liberal democrat and then a crime hit my family and I realized just how conservative I was.”

Ron Book: “The day that I learned that the nanny urinated and defecated on her as a control mechanism, you have to be a pretty crappy human being as a parent not to be driven, not to just fix your selfish family thing, but I’m a guy with access and I’m a guy with resources. I will do anything I can. Anything I can. Anything I can. Driven by my daughter, you bet.”

Ron Book: “At a time when we were in the middle of the development and expansion of residency restrictions for pedophiles, our department of corrections was simply telling people, ‘Hey there’s a bridge, you can go live under the bridge!’ So they had a little sex colony under the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami-Dade County, which became internationally recognized as a sex colony.”

Ron Book: “Wake up every day thinking about it, thinking about how you’d just as soon line them up and shoot them.” (Clip from NBC 6 as Ron Book testifies before the City of Miami Beach Commission)

Ron Book: “There are people who will come and march on my capital on the last day of my daughter’s walk with people from across the country who have either been convicted of being a pedophile or a predator and their family members. Our last mile of our walk is about kids coming together. I don’t want them anywhere near those kids. It terrifies me. I can tell you that every law enforcement agency that’s in this town will be on a high alert. We have already met with them. We are deeply concerned about it. Remember what these people are.” 

Ron Book: “On the issue of whether or not residency restrictions are working and they’re protecting kids, much like I can’t necessarily produce statistics that say that our communities are safer as a result, I do have some level of common sense. If you’re keeping them away from kids, you’re reducing some of the risk. And this notion that we’ve rendered them homeless, that we’ve put them out on the street, that’s a bunch of bullshit. At the end of the day, their sexually deviant criminal behaviors are what caused them their problems.” 

Ron Book: “You have an automatic right to go live wherever you want, and you lost some of your rights because we as the citizens of the United States of America determined that the public policy was you commit a crime against a child, we’re treating you differently. Forever. Forever.”

Ron Book: (Texting while driving, to cameraman) “No, you can’t turn this stuff over to the law enforcement people… making a citizen’s arrest for bad driving. I think I’m a pretty good driver myself.” (Honking horn as Ron Book barely misses another driver) “Aah. Sorry about that.”  

Ron Book: (Watching L&O:SVU, a show he say he “loves”): “I hate the bad guys. Yeah, I’m harder today. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. Those people who came to march on Tallahassee, they probably wish they could put that back in the bottle, all 12 of them. They ought to have figured that out, that all they’re doing is recommitting me, refocusing me, and refocusing my daughter on our agenda to make this place safer for others. They don’t believe there should be registries. They don’t believe there should be notification of people where predators and pedophiles live. They think they should be restored all of their rights and go out and infiltrate our communities.”

Ron Book: “Don’t tell anyone I have a fish tank. They would say, ‘Oh, if he’s got a fish tank, he’s got a shark in it.’ I did have a shark in my tank, actually.” 

Ron Book: Do I want to continue to have materialistic things? Drive nice cars? Eat fancy meals? Yeah, I’m a capitalistic pig. But I give back and I put back exponentially… You know what I like? I come through the gate. I’m left alone. I like getting home and watching my crime shows. I love the Law and Orders, I love the CSIs, I love Blue Bloods. I love them all.”

Ron Book: “While I may have this, like, deep-seeded ‘stab you in the heart and kill you’ for committing crime against the kid, I find sexual abuse as a whole abhorrent, unacceptable, punishable, I’m sorry, I put them away.” 

Ron Book: “Look, I don’t care what the critics say, because what they say is, ‘I don’t have any statistics.’ I suggest to you, their statistics are made up, and they’re phony baloney. They make it look like something other than it is. It’s underreported because people don’t report sex crimes because they’re embarrassed, they’re ashamed, they’re intimidated, their threatened, their lives have been threatened, just like my daughter’s life was threatened”

Ron Book: “If you’re not a victim of sexual abuse, you just don’t have a clue. And if you aren’t a parent of a child who’s been sexually abused, don’t tell me about leniency. Don’t tell me about compassion. Don’t tell me about what rights your kids should have or shouldn’t have. Get out of my face. Get out of my world. Get out of my everything. Because at the end of the day, walk in my shoes.” 

Ron Book: “Senate Bill 1666 automatically upon conviction as a sexual predator you lose your parental rights to your kids. See you later, adios, have a good life on your own. Go live out in the middle of nowhere, because you’re not going to have any relationships with your kids, nor should you. Whether your crime was against your kids or not, you shouldn’t have that right to be that close to your kids. Because they have a hardwire problem. A pedophile sees that picture of that three-month-old, or that 5-year-old, or that 12-year-old, and they get stimulated, and they want to go have sex. They want to go have sex with that little child.”

Ron Book: “My daughter’s favorite issue this year. Now on your driver’s license there’ll be a notation you are a sexual predator.”

Ron Book: (On Lauren’s ALLEGED abuser) “I’ll be 74 when that bitch gets out of prison. I’ll be waiting for her and when they put her on the plane to Honduras, I’ll be right behind her, I’ll be right behind her—with an army of other people. I’ve had people on my payroll for 13 years in Honduras. I know where every family member lives.”

Ron Book: “These people need to be put away till they’re too old to walk. I told you before, I don’t try to be what I’m not. I don’t try to be anything other than who I am.” 

Lauren Book Quotes

Lauren Book: “It goes back to control. We need to have different pieces in place that make it much easier for law enforcement officers to put these individuals back in prison, because it’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. It’s not IF they reoffend, it’s WHEN will they reoffend. And I don’t want to take that chance.”

Lauren Book: “I have spoken to family members who have to give up children because they cannot live in a home with a sex offender father or they have to sell their home, they have to move, they’re living in cars and are very, very, very angry. So there is a place for anger. There is a place where that has to fire you along to get something done. And the only reason that we’re sitting here today is because a young lady who had no voice and felt invisible for so long was tired and pissed.”

Lauren Book: “People are afraid of predators; people are scared, and they should be. The aftermath is catastrophic and cataclysmic. Unless we’re putting them in prison and throwing away the key, we’re getting out. They’re going to live in your neighborhoods. They will be there. We need to be smart. We need to be strategic about the way we do things to create a more effective system than what we currently have. But we can’t be driven by fear.”

Lauren Book: “One of the things that no survivor ever talks about, none of us, every survivor that I’ve ever talked to, has this little deep, dark hole inside of us that we feel that that monster exists; That there is a Waldi in me, that if I’m not careful, she’s going to come out and she’s going to hurt another kid.”

Lauren Book: “He’s an angry dad who had to watch his kid endure a tremendous amount. But I’m that kid who had to endure a tremendous amount who doesn’t want that to happen to other kids. 

Exchanges Between People

(Discussing the Rally in Tally 2015)

RON BOOK: You know, it’s going to be a big crowd tomorrow. You know there’s a counter demonstration tomorrow, right?

UNKNOWN: No way.

RON BOOK: Group of pedophiles and predators coming from across the country. Oh yeah. You can’t make it up. They have been organizing for four months. We’ve intercepted loads of their emails.”

(Exchange between Ron and Untouchable interviewer)

Ron Book: “In my role as chairman of the Homeless Trust, I didn’t go under the Julia Tuttle Causeway once to meet the enemy, I was there dozens of times. Different hat that I wore.”

Interviewer: “I was gonna say, that seems…” 

Ron Book: “A lot of people found it that way, but I don’t support homelessness. But I don’t want them near kids, either.”

(Exchange between Ron and interviewer)

INTERVIEWER: Which of these laws would have been most effective in protecting your daughter?

RON: You know, most of the laws that we have passed would likely have done nothing to protect my daughter. But I believe had we properly educated my daughter on how to be safe, had we properly trained her on safe touch and unsafe touch, had we properly trained her about secrets, and that no secret is forever, I am absolutely convinced that the abuse would have been short lived. It may not have prevented that first act or that second act, but my daughter would have told, my daughter would have figured it out, my daughter would have told, my daughter would have told, she would have told, she would have told.”

(Exchange between Lauren and Interviewer)

Lauren Book: “You cannot broad brush this issue. And the minute that you do so, you will create policies that are dangerous that cannot be enforced. That’s where I try to temper some of where dad comes from. What can we do to create smart policy to again, do what? Not be punitive; to keep kids in our communities safe.

Interviewer: And what does your dad say to that?

Lauren Book: I don’t know what he would say to that. He would probably tell me to lock ‘em up and throw away the key and there’s no use for them back out here in the community… But we don’t always agree on policy. He believes that we need to do all that we can to restrict predators, and when we started, that’s what I was doing too. When I went back and got my Master’s degree, I realized, if you don’t work to prevent sexual abuse through education and awareness, then you can’t be effective. To be able to educate, you have to understand. So I will still interact with predators, where dad will not. 

Statement About Ron Book, Val Jonas, FL Civil Rights Attorney: “You know, the perfect paradigm of what’s wrong with lobbying, where people with a motive, whether it’s a financial motive or a psychological, emotional level get to write the laws. It’s not really a stretch to say that he’s one of the few most powerful people in the state, has been for many, many years. I cannot count the number of successful professional people who have refused to go on record saying anything critical about Mr. Book, because they feel it is dangerous to their professional standing in Florida. So, it’s a real problem, and I won’t pretend that I’m not frightened. There you have it.”


Lauren Book: “These monsters can be put away for the rest of their lives, they murder children’s childhood, my childhood was taken from me.” (“Petition gains support for ‘Cherish Law’”. WXTL, Sep. 3, 2013) 

Lauren Book: “In so many instances these individuals should never ever be allowed out for a second chance. They’re ticking time bombs, it is not a question of if they reoffend, it’s a question of when they reoffend.” (“Petition gains support for ‘Cherish Law’” WXTL, Sep. 3, 2013)

Ron Book: “Look, um, I’ve not been bashful about my feelings about people who commit offenses against children. I have referred to them as monsters. Everybody under the bridge knows that.”  (ABC 2009)

Ron Book: “No matter what, you commit a crime against a kid, we’re treating you different. You committed a crime, a heinous crime. You stole a – you stole MY daughter’s childhood. Go to hell, you son of a bitch! And that is why we require you to be registered, because we want the public to know you are a potential problem.” (BBC, Stacey Dooley Investigates: Second Chance Sex Offenders)

Ron Book: “I think it’s fair to have that discussion and that debate. Yes, it’s difficult. Nobody said that someone exiting the prison system after committing a sexually deviant act on a child has a right to dictate where they live… I have a daughter who was 12 years old when she was molested and raped. I have a different perspective than many people. I sleep very comfortably knowing that we have made our communities safer.” (ABC, 2009)

Ron Book: “I wear these two hats. In this particular case, they have run into one another, I don’t want to use the word ‘colliding’, but they’re run into one another. (ABC 2009)

Ron Book: “Are they monsters? You bet they are. You bet they are! And it only takes one unfortunate bad circumstance that affects your family for you to realize what monsters they are. They are monsters.” (Nick Ahlmack “Monsters of Miami” 2008)

Ron Book: “The ACLU is wrong on this one. They know they’re wrong on this one. And some of these cases are winding their ways through our- through our courts here in the United States. And the courts so far have said the public’s right to have their health, safety, and welfare protected is – is as fundamental a right as anybody has, and those rights, I’m sorry, come ahead of the criminal’s right in this particular set of circumstances. You just don’t get all your rights back overnight, or sometimes ever, when you’ve broken the law. You chose to break the law.” (Nick Ahlmack “Monsters of Miami” 2008)

Exchange between Books and interviewers from BBC)

Ron Book: (Asked about guilt over letting Lauren be abused) “I’m not sure I’ve ever felt guilty…”

Interviewer: But Lauren, you thought he did, didn’t you?

Ron Book: She does.

Lauren Book: I don’t know how a parent couldn’t. Our job is to keep them in ways that we – that I wasn’t able to be kept safe…

Interviewer: So you think your dad struggles with it still?”

Lauren Book: “Yeah. Of course he does.”

Interviewer: “And you think that’s why he is so militant in comparison to you?”

Lauren Book: “I think that’s a piece of it, but I would murder somebody who hurt my kids. I would. I would. As would you.”

Lauren Book: Today you see somebody that’s pretty put together. Um, but, you know, I still suffer night terrors, um, where I wake up beating my husband in the middle of the night. I still have to be sedated when I go to the dentist because I can’t be laying down with people putting things in my mouth. So I get very angry when I hear, you know, we’ve served our time, you know, we’re still being punished… We take away their civil rights, that is something that is very serious, that is not something that should be taken lightly, but if you commit a crime against a child if-if that is the kind of-of-of thing that turns you on no you shouldn’t have a second chance. Why? Because I - I Lauren Book is not willing to allow you to have a second chance, because if you make a mistake if you ever backslide, who are you hurting? Not yourself? (BBC 2018)

Interviewer: So you two don’t always agree, you two don’t always see eye to eye? What do you disagree on?

Ron: We have a different set of thoughts on residency restrictions. 

Lauren: I don’t want people that are desperate, that will lash out and harm a child. I don’t want the excuse to be well I couldn’t shower and I didn’t have a place to live-- and so this is what happened. 

Ron: And I don’t buy that bullshit as excuses. (Speaking over Lauren)

Interviewer: I’m repulsed by what they’ve done. It disgusts me in the same way that it disgusts you. But I don’t think that leaving them out on the streets is the solution. 

Ron: I agree with that, but…

Interviewer: But your law that you campaigned for, isn’t that a direct result of…

Ron With all due respect, No! Their actions, their rapes of children, put them in that class of people that are subject to certain restrictions. (Grabs a paper and pen) I want to live in this box, where my mother is, where my daddy is, but there’s a child here and a child here, oh, and a bus stop here and a school here and a daycare. I’m sorry! You don’t get to do that! Your bad behavior put an X on you.”

Interviewer: Are you saying they can’t be rehabilitated? 

Ron: No, I don’t believe they can. I don’t lie awake at night thinking about how I can stick it to these bastards, these dirtbags, these scumbuckets. But, man, when we think of them, we’re going after them.” (BBC video, 2018)

Lauren Book: The residency restrictions were something that came up, um, a little bit after the abuse had started. Um, my father and I advocated for the residency restrictions, where there were 2500—that sexual offenders and predators cannot live within 2500 square feet of any school, park, day care center, or wherever children congregate. Um, that number came about because you can’t have a bar, a tavern, or an adult entertainment facility 2500 square feet around any school, park, or day care center. So why would we want a sex offender living within those perimeters? So we went ahead and we were advocating for these laws, um, there was some unintended consequences of those ordinances which are the people who take up residence under the Julia Tuttle Causeway.” (Chuck Fadely, Miami Herald, Sept. 2009)

Lauren Book: “Me and my family are working really hard to get these predators put in jail where they belong and they can’t hurt our children. I don’t have any sympathy for any of the predators who are down there.” (Chuck Fadely, Miami Herald, Sept. 2009)

Lauren Book: We’re gonna close that colony down and we’re gonna fence off the area so that those people can’t go back.” (Chuck Fadely, Miami Herald, Sept. 2009)

Lauren Book: We still believe in residency restrictions, I still do believe, um, that they work. I don’t want sex offenders living around our children. These people are really not easily rehabilitated, if at all rehabilitateable. Um, which is why we at Lauren’s Kids and me and my family are working very hard to get these predators put in jail where they belong. And they can’t hurt our children. It was a real difficult thing for me to reconcile in my brain—we don’t want homelessness, we need to end homelessness, but what do we gonna do with these sex offenders? (Chuck Fadely, Miami Herald, Sept. 2009)

Ron Book: “I don’t want them living across the street from the park where my children are-are playing on the playground. I’m sorry! And-and you know what? I’m not really sorry because it does not bother me at all I have nothing to apologize for--for advocating for the adoption of these ordinances and these laws to protect our kids.” (Nick Ahlmack “Monsters of Miami” 2008)

Thursday, May 20, 2021

FL Democratic State Senator Lauren Book is trying to cover multimillion dollar donations (with a lot of Republican support)

Nothing about the Book Crime Family surprises me. Is any of this new to me? No. The only thing that shocks me any more is that anyone even notices. They've done it so long that it is a given. Lauren Book has never been anything more than a money and power hungry person, just like her daddy.

New Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book has conflict of interest as Republicans quietly shower taxpayer millions on her charity

Lauren Book

Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book Tuesday discussing her amendment to the state’s $500-million gambling compact with the Seminoles that aided her father’s lobbying client, the Town of Davie. Photo: The Florida Channel

By Dan Christensen,

Lauren Book, the newly anointed leader of Florida’s Senate Democrats, has a financial conflict of interest that’s raising questions about her loyalties as her beleaguered party prepares for the challenge of redistricting in January.

For the past two years, House and Senate Republicans decisively showered the Senate Minority Leader’s charity – Lauren’s Kids – with $4 million in taxpayer dollars.

The appropriations, including $2 million awarded in the regular session that ended April 30, were camouflaged to make it difficult for the public to spot them.

Since 2011, the Republican-controlled Legislature has lavished $19.69-million in grants on the sexual abuse prevention charity founded and led by the Plantation Democrat. In addition, Lauren’s Kids has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from other Republican OK’d funding mechanisms, notably a specialty license plate.

State records indicate the charity intends to ask for another $2 million next year. “There is not currently a source of funding available that can be used in lieu of state funding,” says Lauren’s Kids most recent funding request.

Lauren’s salaries – and bonus

According to the latest available federal tax records, Lauren’s Kids paid Sen. Book an annual salary of $200,000 plus an incentive bonus of $15,000 in 2019. The bonus was not further explained.

The compensation Book received from Lauren’s Kids rose 49.1 percent between 2016, when she first took office, and 2019. Her salary from the charity in 2011 was $68,000. Her current Lauren’s Kids salary is $220,000, according to spokeswoman Claire VanSusteren. Book also draws a state senator’s salary of $29,697.

Book has said in the past, and VanSusteren reiterated this week, that “none of these dollars were derived from public funds.” That’s true, as far as it goes. State records show that millions in Lauren’s Kids grants were structured to pay for programs and staff salaries other than Book’s. But Book’s large salary would not be possible without the huge infusion of state dollars that have annually underwritten the charity’s other expenses.

Sen. Book, the daughter of influential lawyer-lobbyist and Lauren’s Kids chairman Ronald Book, did not respond to Florida Bulldog requests for comment. Ronald Book and his Aventura firm lobbied the Legislature for the grants, records state.

In a 2017 interview with Florida Bulldog, Sen. Book said she would not abstain from voting on matters involving her father’s clients or on measures sending millions of state dollars to benefit Lauren’s Kids. “In ALL matters, I will vote my conscience and in what I believe is best for my district, for Broward County and for the people of the State of Florida,” she said.

“I have met with the Counsel of the Senate and have been advised that it is proper that I do not abstain on these matters unless funding directly inures to my benefit, which it does not.”

Political life with father

Just this week, Sen. Book acted to benefit one of her father’s clients, the Town of Davie, that she likewise represents by sponsoring an amendment to the state’s $500-million gambling compact struck with the Seminole Tribe on Wednesday. The amendment changed the formula for determining how much local governments adjacent to the tribe’s reservation casino near Hollywood are entitled to receive.

Lobbyist Ron Book Monday before the House Select Subcommittee on the Seminole Gaming Compact Photo: The Florida Channel

Because of Book’s amendment, Davie will rake in tens of thousands of dollars more annually at the expense of the more populous and more racially diverse Hollywood. The compact is a 30-year deal. U.S. Census Bureau estimates as of July 1, 2019: Davie’s population of 106,000 was 8.8 percent black; Hollywood’s population of 155,000 was 18.2 percent black.

The Legislature’s largesse toward Lauren’s Kids, while no secret to many Republicans or Democrats who, like Sen. Book, voted for it, nevertheless was curiously kept out of public sight. Indeed, Tallahassee insiders Florida Bulldog spoke with were unaware of the millions earmarked to Lauren’s Kids in 2020 and 2021, nor did any Florida media outlet report on those large payouts last year, or while covering this year’s record $101.5-billion state budget.

Why? The House and Senate legislators who sponsored the Lauren’s Kids grants modified the name of those appropriations.

Underlying documentation clearly identifies Lauren’s Kids as the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity that requested the twin $2-million grants to be funneled through the Department of Education. But unlike past years when “Lauren’s Kids” identified the recipient, the grant’s name was changed to “Safer, Smarter Schools” – the name of the Lauren’s Kids curriculum.

The result: the annual list of state-funded charities in the final appropriations bill no longer mentions Lauren’s Kids as receiving any funds. (See page 30 of this year’s SB 2500.)

State descriptions of the Lauren’s Kids program for 2020 and 2021 both say, “Funding will be utilized to continue to provide child abuse prevention curriculum and resources to Florida’s public schools, parents and communities.” This year’s description adds, “The onset of COVID-19 has elevated the need for these critical resources due to the documented rise in child abuse, maltreatment, digital exploitation & trafficking during the pandemic.”

The COVID-19 language looks like window dressing. No documentation to support the assertion that child abuse, exploitation and trafficking increased last year was provided when the funding request was filed on Feb. 17.

‘Troubled’ by camouflaged grants

The sponsors of the 2020 Lauren’s Kids grant were then-state Sen. Bill Montford, D-Marianna, and then-state Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Naples. This year, the sponsors were state Sen. Doug Broxson, R-Pensacola, and state Rep. Vance Aloupis Jr., R-Miami.

This year’s Republican sponsors for Lauren’s Kids $2-million grant. Sen. Doug Broxson, right, and Rep. Vance Aloupis Jr.

Florida Bulldog contacted some prominent South Florida Democrats to ask them about the  recent disguised, multi-million dollar giveaway to Lauren’s Kids by the Republican-dominated Legislature.

“I am troubled by what you’re telling me,” said a former state senator who spoke on condition of anonymity. “It sounds bad, certainly. It may be bad. I don’t know. If I were still in the Senate,I would want to know a lot more.”

Another former legislator now in local elective office said she was “concerned” both by Book’s sizeable compensation from Lauren’s Kids, as well as her charity’s dependence on Republicans for continuing support.

“The challenge for her is going to be that she needs to bend over backwards to be more ethical than other people. Everybody’s watching her,” she said. “She should step aside from the charity while she’s the Democratic leader.”

Florida Bulldog reached out to several key Senate Democrats for comment, including Miami’s Annette Taddeo, Tampa’s Janet Cruz and Jacksonville’s Audrey Gibson. None responded.

Lauren Book sees additional Republican funding

Even before Book was elected to the Senate, her father was a significant presence in Tallahassee. In 2013 Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, filed a bill that amended state law to allow Lauren’s Kids to collect $25 fees from the sale by specialty license plates sold by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Further, the DMV allows Lauren’s Kids to insert in every auto tag renewal notice mailed to more than 6 million vehicle owners a brochure asking the public for donations. Miami-Dade and Broward counties facilitate individual $1 donations by including a box for people to check on their car registration renewal forms. 

In 2019 alone, Lauren’s Kids reported that the department paid it $536,000.

Lauren Book, who was sexually and physically abused by her nanny for six years starting at age 11, founded Lauren’s Kids in 2007. She was elected to the state Senate without opposition in 2016 and again in 2018. She’s running for re-election next year.

To date, her campaign has raised $170,000 and the political committee she chairs – Leadership for Florida – has collected another $246,500. A chunk of that money comes from at least a half-dozen of her father’s lobbying clients.

Incumbent Book, 36, has a Republican opponent in 2022, Davie resident Diana Bivona Belviso, 34. Belviso’s campaign reports receiving a single in-kind contribution: $300, for professional photographs.

Lauren Book established Leadership for Florida in 2014 with the help of Tampa accountant Nancy Watkins, who remains the political committee’s treasurer. Watkins and her husband, Robert, have for decades kept the books for numerous Republican candidates and conservative political groups in Florida and around the country. The Tampa Bay Times reported in 2019 that Watkins’ clients have included then-President Donald Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio and Fort Lauderdale resident Roger Stone’s legal defense fund.

The new Senate Minority Leader has had generally warm relations with Florida’s Republican governors. Gov. Ron DeSantis, not known for praising Democrats, put out an effusive statement calling her “an internationally respected child safety expert” who fights “for Florida’s families.”

In 2015, then-Gov. Rick Scott, now a U.S. senator, hugged Lauren Book and appeared with Ron Book on the steps of Florida’s Historic Capitol amid a rally for Lauren’s Kids.

Book rose to become minority leader less than a month ago after Sen. Gary Farmer, D-Lighthouse Point, was ousted following a unanimous vote of no confidence. Book, who became next in line for minority leader after Fort Lauderdale state Sen. Perry Thurston filed to run for the late U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings’ seat in Congress. Book is scheduled to remain minority leader until 2024.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Ronald Lee Book is currently responsible for almost four-fifths of Miami's transient population, assuming his numbers are true

Ron Book claims there are only 555 "unsheltered" homeless in Miami-Dade, according to the Miami Times article dated April 13th. 

This morning, I made a count of the homeless Registered Citizen population of Miami-Dade county (i.e., persons listed on the state "sex offense registry"). Of the 1300 Registered Persons listed as living in Miami-Dade County (not counting dead, deported, incarcerated, or absconded Registrants), 432 are listed as "transient." That means 33.2% (roughly a third) of Miami-Dade's registrant population are homeless. Even this number is a misnomer, as 107 Registrants are listed at 18201 SW 12th St., Miami, FL 33194-2700, i.e., the Krome Detention Center. (Despite adjusting the search to exclude incarcerated persons, some were still listed during the search. If adjusted to remove those at Krome, the homeless registrant population is 36.2%. 

If Ron Book's claim of 555 unsheltered homeless number is to be believed, then Ron Book is directly responsible for 77.8% of the unsheltered homeless issue in Miami. 

No one else wants to call him out. I have no problems doing it, of course. Yet,Ron Book still keeps this Homeless Trust gig, desite having lived in Broward County for over half a decade. He has no business running the Homeless Trust.

City of Miami doubles down on homeless sweeps

Lack of affordable housing blamed by some for ongoing problem

Erik Bojnansky Miami Times Senior Writer Apr 13, 2021 Updated Apr 14, 2021

The City of Miami will ramp up its campaign to dismantle homeless encampments, in spite of concerns that such actions might violate the civil rights of the people living there.

On April 8, the Miami City Commission unanimously authorized the city to ramp up “homeless cleanup response” sweeps to twice a week.

William Porro, assistant director of the city’s human services department, said the cleanup frequencies need to be increased and improved in order to reduce Miami’s homeless population in an effective, yet humane way. As of January 2020, the latest demographic survey by the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, nearly 57% of Miami-Dade County’s homeless population was Black.

“We truly do want to give individuals dignified, humane assistance in referring them to the established continuum of care, [and] this includes housing,” Porro told commissioners at last Thursday’s meeting.

Since Feb. 10, the City of Miami has conducted 23 “major cleanups” utilizing personnel from 10 city departments including police, sanitation and human services’ “green shirts” – a team of formerly homeless individuals. During those cleanups, Porro claimed that more than 20 tons of garbage were carted away. The sweeps were launched four months after an appellate court scrapped a 1998 legal settlement known as the Pottinger Agreement that governed how the city could treat people living on the streets. It also accompanied legislation banning the feeding of the homeless outside of designated areas, or giving them tents.

Benjamin Waxman, president of the Greater Miami chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said his organization has no problem with the city cleaning up the sidewalks near the makeshift encampments, or offering shelter beds. What the ACLU does object to is city employees harassing the homeless or throwing away their property.

“The city is supposed to be committed to assisting homeless people, not making their lives more miserable,” Waxman said.

The ACLU denounced the first set of sweeps in a Feb. 23 letter to City of Miami.

“City workers seized and destroyed people’s belongings, including their tents. One person reported sustaining injuries while being dragged in the street inside his own tent as it was being taken to be placed in the garbage. … While at least some (homeless) were offered hotel rooms, they were not given any information about how long they could stay or what would happen after their stay at the hotel room ended,” the ACLU letter stated.

Porro admitted he’s in the process of adjusting how the sweeps are conducted.

“I have … asked for a legal review just to clarify … the things we can and cannot do in terms of the tents and a lot of the nuances that entails,” Porro said during the April 8 city commission meeting.

David Peery, a formerly homeless individual-turned-homeless advocate, said those adjustments were apparent during an April 7 city sweep of encampments in Overtown at NW 10th and 11th Streets between NW 3rd and 5th Avenues. While a few disheveled tents were dismantled and thrown away, city workers did not touch tents that were on the sidewalks. Instead, municipal employees used pressure cleaners to clean around the tents. Peery opined that the city’s actions that day mainly had to do with the fact that several homeless advocates were present to watch the city employees.

“We had a large contingent of people show up. They were looking at us looking at them. It was kind of weird,” Peery said.

Waxman said the respectful attitude city employees displayed at the April 7 sweep was very different than what he witnessed a week earlier in downtown Miami at NW 1st Court and 1st Place.

“That cleanup effort was, in my estimation, very chaotic. It was not respectful of the people’s rights, and was much more aggressive,” the ACLU attorney told The Miami Times.

During his testimony to city commissioners, Porro said his teams are still up against “well-meaning individuals” who still insist on giving tents and food to the homeless. Porro also acknowledged that homeless encampments continue to pop up at certain “hot spots” after sweeps.

“We’ve got to tweak the whole continuum of care and outreach,” Porro said. “They’re doing an amazing job getting people referred to shelters. But shelter-resistant individuals, for a variety of reasons, are put back on the street after two weeks. Seriously, it is really a difficult situation.”

Commissioner Joe Carollo said the city has done a much better job dismantling homeless encampments in Little Havana. However, Carollo added, “tent cities” are still very visible in downtown Miami.

“I have to say that downtown is beginning to look like a war zone,” Carollo told Porro.

Porro replied that 54% of Miami’s unsheltered homeless, 355 individuals, congregate in that area. In comparison, Overtown, a neighborhood with the second-largest concentration of homeless, has 89 unsheltered individuals, or 13% of Miami’s homeless population.

Commissioner Jeffrey Watson, whose district includes Overtown, asked Porro if additional funding was needed.

“Are there any financial commitments not fulfilled?” Watson asked.

“We are all looking at that very carefully with a sharp pencil, because we don’t want to increase costs, obviously,” Porro replied, adding, “There are some positions in our outreach team that we need to fill.”

Homeless advocates insist there aren’t enough shelter beds to accommodate the county’s entire unsheltered population, which is why some people donate tents to the homeless. However, Ron Book, chairman of the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, insisted that the city’s estimated unsheltered population of 555 is the lowest since August 2014. At the same time, Book said he’s been able to leverage COVID-19 federal funding to obtain additional beds in local hotels.

“During the course of the pandemic, we have seen the greatest allocation in U.S. history of new federal money for housing and homelessness, and we are scaling up. We have more than 1,000 households referred to housing right now and that number grows daily,” Book wrote in an email to The Miami Times. “We want to engage people effectively and get them in the pipeline to benefit from these tremendous new resources.”

On Friday, April 9, in a press conference at Camillus House’s main shelter at 1603 NW 7th Ave., Mayor Francis Suarez announced the donation of 150 new, adjustable mechanical beds from Reach Out America, a Texas-based nonprofit that provides disaster relief supplies. Hilda Fernandez, CEO of Camillus House, said the 150 beds would be deployed within the organization’s 11 facilities throughout Miami-Dade County, which already encompasses around 1,800 beds.

Suarez said the bed donations will help Miami combat homelessness, adding that his city was even now developing plans to reduce the unsheltered population to “functional zero.”

“We want to get to the point where they are all able to reintegrate into society … in a humane fashion,” Suarez said.

The best way to do that, Waxman countered, is to build more housing that’s actually affordable for low-income individuals and families.

“That is why they keep coming back [to the street]. The alternatives are simply not there,” Waxman said.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Lauren Book is eerily silent as political ally Matt Gaetz is accused of sex trafficking a minor


Senator Lauren Book claims she "fights sex assault on all fronts." She was quick to condemn her pediatrician on a mere accusation, and yet, Lauren Book is silent as a close political ally, Matt Gaetz, is publicly under investigation for sex trafficking a minor. 

How are we supposed to see Lauren Book as a serious child victim advocate is she's willing to stay silent when it is one of her political allies accused of a crime?

Lauren Book is a hypocrite and a pathological liar. She abuses the registry for personal gain and has no interest in victiom advocacy except where it advances her career. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Like peas in a pod: Who is Lauren Book's Tallahasse area ally Barney Bishop?

 Last week, a lobbyist started bashing Tallahassee's City Walk Urban Mission for allowing Registered Persons to enter a shelter during inclement weather, and when confronted about it, he responded by saying, "“I’m working right now [ ]with Sen. Lauren Book and we’re going to make it even more difficult for a homeless shelter that take in registered sex offenders without properly notifying the surrounding community to do so.” 

So just who is Barney Bishop? Here are a few things to know about him:

1. Bishop is a lobbyist who largely represents his own interests: Barney Bishop is a registered lobbyist who represents a handful of interests, primarily two of Bishop's own organizations (Florida Smart Justice Alliance and Barnet Bishop Consulting LLC, both at 204 S Monroe St, Ste 201, Tallahassee, FL 32301), another association ("Citizens For Responsible Spending" another of Bishop's largely on-man shows), as well as a number of sheriff's offices, including the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office. In 2020, Wakulla County had to pay City Walk $160,000 to settle a lawsuit. Bishop must still be smarting from that loss. 

Barney Bishop doesn't exactly strike people as an effective lobbyist. The Eye on Miami blog says this about Barney Bishop: "And what is AIF ass Barney Bishop doing on the Board of the Collins Center anyway?... Whomever put Barney Bishop on this Board should be shot. He knows as much about public policy and smart growth as I know about Bible studies and the Torah -- yep, nothing!" To which one person responded, "Any board that includes Barney Bishop is a fraud from the start."

In fact, the Eye on Miami blog has an entire metatag just for Barney Bishop articles. To say he is not well-respected by anyone is an understatement

2. Barney Bishop was forced to step down as CEO of Associated Industries of Florida: "Several media reports speculated that his resignation came after some AIF board members grew upset with statements Bishop had made earlier this year. In June, the St. Petersburg Times alluded to a possible ouster of Bishop after he "butted heads" with the AIF board by calling for replacement of the entire board of state-run Citizens Property Insurance at a May press conference. The Palm Beach Post, meanwhile, reported that Bishop had caused a stir by declaring earlier this year that the "No. 1 job" of AIF's board is to defeat U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012 — a position that may have unsettled some on the board. In an interview with Florida Trend earlier this year, Bishop acknowledged that his outspokenness has occasionally ruffled feathers of AIF board members... Erika Alba, chair of the AIF's board, praised Bishop for his "passion and unequaled round-the-clock effort to rebuild AIF" and pointed to his success with record dues and membership levels. Indeed, the group's form 990 filings with the IRS show that AIF's dues income increased from $839,063 in 2008 to more than $1.1 million in 2009. The income from dues, however, still fell well below AIF's expenses, which totaled $4.2 million that year. Only some $4.9 million in "investment income" kept the group from being in the red for the year." 

So, in addition to being a loudmouth, his lobbying didn't actually do much good for AIF, as a $250k increase isn't a lot of money in relation to the controversies Bishop caused by his mouth. 

3. Bishop's "Florida Smart Justice Alliance" group lost tax exempt status for refusing to pay taxes, and most of the board resigned in 2015: Speaking of Barney Bishop looking out for only himsrlf, we have more evidence from (a site that has offered unwavering support to Lauren Book over the years) --

A Tallahassee-based advocacy group led by veteran lobbyist Barney Bishop has had a mass exodus of board members in recent weeks, including one who accused Bishop of being motivated by “self-aggrandizement and personal gain.” As of Monday, group founder and former chairwoman Lori Costantino-Brown and members Pamela Alvarez, Catherine Craig-Myers, Jim DeBeaugrine and Mary Lynn Ulrey had all turned in resignation letters to the Florida Smart Justice Alliance. Copies were provided to Craig-Myers said the resignations were from those who supported a motion to fire Bishop and lost.

And last month, the Internal Revenue Service posted a notice it had “automatically revoked” the alliance’s tax-exempt status. The group is formed as a 501(c)(6), a category for “business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, etc.,” according to the IRS website. The reason for the revocation: The organization has not filed its annual financial disclosure as required by federal law for three consecutive years...

“Florida business leaders recognized that the state’s approach to criminal justice was costing too much without effectively reducing recidivism,” it says. The organization’s mission is to “make Florida’s communities safer, save the taxpayers money and hold offenders accountable while providing the tools for them to live law-abiding lives.”

But in her Sept. 3 resignation letter, Costantino-Brown said the organization “no longer represents the ideals it was founded upon.” That was also the date that current chair Don Eslinger, the sheriff of Seminole County, called an “emergency meeting” to discuss the group’s yearly Justice Summit, scheduled for December in Sarasota. At that meeting, Ulrey – CEO of the Tampa-based Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office – said she suggested the group use a less expensive event organizer than last year’s. Her suggestion was quickly shot down, she added. “When you don’t feel valued in a situation like that, it makes you feel leery about continuing to be involved,” she said in a phone interview. Ulrey, the board treasurer, also quit the board on Sept. 3. When asked whether she was referring specifically to Bishop, Ulrey said, “Well, he’s in the driver’s seat … Barney certainly has his agenda and that’s fine. I just no longer felt I was a good match.”

In fact, Costantino-Brown said in her letter that she could not “support or engage in an entity that is associated with Mr. Barney Bishop in any capacity.” “It was brought to my attention over the last few months that Mr. Bishop’s operations with regard to ‘smart justice’ were directed towards self-aggrandizement and personal gain, as well as substantially damaging to its reputation and advancement of mission,” Costantino-Brown wrote.

On a related note, the Florida Smart Justice Alliance's website and social media pages have not been updated since 2015, suggesting this was the death-knell for the Alliance as a "group". 

4. Barney Bishop suggests vigilante violence is his idea of "smart justice": Barney Bishop, in a testimony to the Florida House Judiciary Committee on March 3, offered this gem of a comment regarding a proposed 50 year minimum sentence for sex offenses law in committee:

"We think that very long sentences are warranted; in fact, we'd like longer sentences. And I would just say in closing that with respect to smart justice that maybe what we ought to really be doing is thinking about giving the victims’ families an opportunity to have visitation with the perpetrators and a pair of scissors. That's our idea of smart justice, Mr. Chairman, not anything short of that."

(it is worth noting he was working alongside Lauren Book's father and fellow lobbyist Ron Book that day. 

When Derek Logue of emailed Biship to explain these words, Bishop made threatening remarks to Logue while denying making such statements

“Mr. Logue, you (sic) memory is failing you terribly…I have NEVER said anything remotely like that, and I never would…there are many people who testify that use the words Smart Justice, but that doesn’t mean they can speak on behalf of Smart Justice…

If I ever hear from you again – in any fashion – your will be REPORTED to the authorities and I can assure you that you will suffer the consequences…it sounds like you enjoy jail and being confined and I can help you get that good ole feeling again…

Just respond to this email, or try to ever contact me again…I’m a former private investigator, and I’m an NRA member, I would NEVER resort to just scissors….and I will find your picture and put it into my Outlook file…you pic will be burnt into my memory…PLEASE contact me again, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

5. While Bishop feels silencing and threatening a Registered Person expressing his First Amendment Rights is okay, Bishop believes silencing the KKK and Nazis is wrong: It is funny how Bishop, in a span of a few hours, goes from threatening to permanently silence an Anti-Registry activist to saying the KKK has the right to freedom of speech, and if you don't like the speech, just walk away.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, It doesn't matter whether you like the speech. It doesn't matter whether you like the speakers. It doesn't matter, Rep. Alexander, if it's the KKK, if it's the communists. It doesn't matter if it's the Nazis. It doesn't matter one single bit. Everybody, EVERYONE in this country has the right to freedom of speech and freedom of thought. You don't like it? Walk away. You don't incite violence. Students at Catholic Georgetown feel it is unsafe because a pro-life speaker was invited. Tufts University promotes a retreat to root out racism among white Christian folks, just white Christian folks." 

When Rep. Alexander responded by saying, "“For you to suggest that I should walk away (at) Florida A&M University (from) the original terrorist organization in this country is just shameful, Barney. It’s shameful,” Barney respondede, "The KKK is not the original terrorist organization."

As reported in the Tallahassee Democrat:

"Alexander called Bishop "shameful" a total of five times. Bishop once sat on FAMU's Board of Trustees, as did Alexander. “Complete BS. And you are not a Democrat either,” Alexander went on, referring to Bishop, a former executive director of the state's Democratic Party. The contretemps happened in the House Postsecondary Education & Lifelong Learning Committee.  “To suggest that I should walk away from an organization that dehumanized, murdered and lynched people who looked like me, just because of the color of their skin, is extremely offensive,” Alexander continued. 

After their heated exchange, tempers had not cooled for either Bishop or Alexander. The state representative was hesitant to comment because, he later said, he didn't want to focus attention on what he called Bishop’s “wacko" interpretation of the First Amendment. 

“I had to speak up," Alexander told a reporter. "If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.” 

Bishop in turn dismissed Alexander’s protestation as “theatrical”: “He proved my point about the 'cancel culture' and how the left is unable to have a debate without bringing up victimhood or racism or to infer violence.”

Bishop said he spoke at the meeting as a representative of Citizens for Responsible Spending, a Tallahassee-based watchdog group focused on transparency and accountability in government spending...

“Nobody compels anyone to go to these events,” Bishop said in a phone interview. “I may be offended by BLM (Black Lives Matter). I may be offended by antifa, but I am not going to protest to keep them off any campus because I am not afraid of their ideas."


Barney Bisop is seen as a self-serving lobbyist (already a profession of ill-repute) and has no qualms about expressing what ever opinion serves his own personal interests at the moment. A person like him has no right representing anyone else. It should come as no surprise, then, when he supports a corrupt politician like Lauren Book. 

Barney Bishop should be more mindful of his big mouth. It may only be a matter of time before he is dragged to court over it. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Is Ron Book knowingly shortening the lifespans of South Florida's registrant homeless population?

If Ron Book indeed believes this to be true, and he knows he is responsible for hundreds of homeless registrants in Miami, then he is liable for their decline in health due to gross negligence. Ron and his Trauma Queen daughter truly are monsters.

It sickens me knowing the Book Crime Family likely got their COVID shots while they watch Registered Persons die. Yet they keep getting away with it and no one holds them accountable.

I have yet to hear if this push to vaccinate Miami's homeless includes the Registrant population, the ones Ron Book made homeless.

The Miami-Dade Homeless Trust is pushing to get even more homeless people vaccinated.

“We have 2,500 plus individuals in our shelter world. We’ve got another 892 unsheltered on our streets. We know that the homeless population, and in particular the senior citizen population, which we know to be our largest growing homeless population over the last three years in this community, we know that they are the most vulnerable in society. The average homeless person lives 13 to 17 fewer years than either you or I will live. So getting them vaccinated quickly is important,” said Ron Book, Chairman of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Senator Lauren Book loses AGAIN to Derek Logue, this time in the Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court has declined to listen to Senator Lauren Book's continued attempts to silence Anti-Registry Movement Activist Derek Logue through a SLAPP suit disguised as a "restraining order". 

To review, in 2017, Lauren Book filed a restraining order against Derek Logue. The Broward County court granted her order after 6 months of not filing an emergency order. 

Logue filed an appeal and a 3-judge appeals panel overturned the restraining order unanimously.  Loss #1 for Lauren Book. 

Book filed an appeal to the full appeals court panel. Logue won that ruling. Loss #2 for Lauren Book.

Counting this latest loss, Derek Logue has earned the Hat Trick against Senator Book in the Florida Courts.


Petitioner(s) Respondent(s)

This cause having heretofore been submitted to the Court on jurisdictional briefs and portions of the record deemed necessary to reflect jurisdiction under Article V, Section 3(b), Florida Constitution, and the Court having determined that it should decline to accept jurisdiction, it is ordered that the petition for review is denied.

No motion for rehearing will be entertained by the Court. See Fla. R. App. P. 9.330(d)(2).


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Senator Lauren Book is "surprised" by revelation her child's pediatrician was busted for CP

For years, Lauren Book has advocated for the public sex offense registry, even though her abuser was a female nanny with no prior sex offense conviction. 

For years, shye's promoted her dubious charity with the tagline "95% of sexual abuse is preventable", a phrase she simply pulled out of her southern posterior. Is this news about her pediatrician busted for CP among the 5% that couldn'r be prevented?

From Florida Action Committee:

"A popular South Florida pediatrician was arrested and charged with three felonies. Among the crimes he is charged with is possession of child pornography and online solicitation of a minor. In an online post, Senator Lauren Book wrote, “This was my child’s pediatrician. I had no idea. No alarm bells went off. Nothing. Let this serve as a warning – ANYONE can be a predator, regardless of profession, level of education, interpersonal skills, zip code, etc. If I can be caught off guard, anyone can.”

The Senator’s own comments make the point that we’ve been trying to make for years. Perpetrators of sex crimes can by ANYONE. Not only that, but in the overwhelming majority of cases it is someone known to the victim, such as a teacher, coach, friend or family member. As Sen. Book sadly and unfortunately knows, it can even be the nanny hired by your parents to care for you, or the pediatrician you brought your own children to.

If we focus attention and resources on a stupid list, we are diverting focus from the more likely perpetrators and creating a false sense of security. Instead of telling parents to check the registry in advance of Halloween and implying children will somehow be safe, we should be telling parents to accompany their child to every single door they knock on.

Instead of investing so much time and money into perpetually punishing former offenders, we instead need to apply those resources towards prevention. Instead of investing so many resources into perpetuating stranger danger myths and other nonsense, we need to focus on education. Education based on actual best practices and empirical research, not misinformation."

for years, Lauren Book and her lobbyist father has harassed a Registered Person living over a thousand miles away for daring to criticize her abuse of power. She filed false charges against this man and even tried comparing him to the Parkland school shooter, all in an effort to silence him. She even tried claiming she feared her children were in danger from this man who never communicated with her directly. Yet, if the suspicions about the pediatrician are true, the real danger was in her own circle of trust, a person with no prior record.

Perpetual Victim Barbie cannot point out a potenial danger in her community. She's too focused on her revenge tour and her gaudy marches and collecting millions for her useless charity and pushing for more useless registry laws. You failed the people, Lauren Book. 


Friday, December 18, 2020

Senator Lauren Book wants to be FloriDUH's Chief Financial Officer

I can think of a couple of possible reasons why Senator Bimbo Book is looking to move from state senator to CFO for FloriDUH

1. Lauren is OBSESSED with money: Her controversial charity has always been little more than a money sponge. You'd think with the millions this corrupt politician makes, she'd get that Woody Woodpecker schnoz of hers fixed and get a pair of glasses that doesn't look like it should come with a Poodle Skirt and Beehive hairdo. As CFO, her charity could rake in even more money! (Also, rthe CFO is also the state's chierf Fire Marshal, a fitting position for a dumpster fire of a human being like her). 

On the upside, if she gets that position, she'll have to sign those checks for the settlements for the upcoming lawsuits against various law enforcement agencies for falsely accusing certain people of crimes they did not commit. 

2. Lauren Book is afraid of the backlash for stabbing the Parkland victims in the back: Bimbo Book has NEVER been held accountable for anything, so I imagine she can't handle being out played in the victim role by the Parkland parents she betrayed. There was likely going to be an opponent in the next campaign that would have ripped her to shreds. She has always been nothing but a fucking coward.

Lauren Book contemplating 2022 statewide bid

Book is reportedly considering a run for CHief Financial Officer.

ByJason DelgadoonDecember 17, 2020

Democratic Sen. Lauren Book may run for a statewide office in 2022, POLITICO Florida reported on Wednesday.

Book, who represents Broward County, is reportedly considering a bid for Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, a position currently held by Republican Jimmy Patronis.

The CFO manages a variety of responsibilities including state fund investment, fraud investigations and unclaimed properties. The Florida CFO also serves as the State Fire Marshal. The officeholder sits as one of three Florida Cabinet members.

“Sen. Book clearly has a very bright future and is being approached by a number of leaders about seeking higher office,” Steve Vancore, a Book consultant, told POLITICO Florida. “At this critical time in our state, her focus is on her Senate duties, but nothing is off the table.”

While Vancore stopped short of specifying which statewide position – if any – Book may seek, the online news outlet reported “there has been increased talk of her running for CFO.”

POLITICO Florida cited two unnamed sources who supported the notion.

“Senator Book would be an excellent choice for Democrats as our CFO nominee,” a longtime Florida Democratic operative told the outlet. “I’d be all in on Book for CFO on day one.”

The other unnamed Democratic source was quoted saying Book “is increasingly being mentioned as a serious contender for CFO.”

Book has served in the Florida Senate since 2016. Senate President Wilton Simpson in December named Book as the chair of the Committee on Children, Families and Elder Affairs. Book will serve as the committee chair for two years.

Patronis, meanwhile, was appointed CFO by Gov. Rick Scott in 2017 and reelected in 2018. Patronis represented a Panhandle district in the Florida House of Representatives from 2006 to 2014.

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is the only statewide elected Democrat. She sits on the Cabinet along with Patronis and Attorney General Ashley Moody.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

"I will chase you until I die, that I assure you," Ron Book threatens man over bird

We all know how Ron Book behaves when it comes to Registered Persons, but as noted by FAC, Ron Book is rather unhinged in dealing with other disputes.

“I will chase you till I die, that I assure you.” is the closing line of a letter from Lobbyist Ron Book to an individual in a complaint he filed against a pet shop that had allegedly misappropriated his parrot. Last week Book filed a small claims lawsuit against a pet shop owner who allegedly failed to return his bird, “Blue”. Apparently the bird died while he was at the shop.

Of course, whether the parrot was stolen, died or flew away, the loss of a pet is sad no matter how it happens and we can sympathize with that. The content of his letter, however, gives us some insight into the man’s venomous personality.

You can see the complain at:

I don't know about Mr. Kalichman but I have no problem giving Ron Book "the bird."

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Lauren's Kids received $10,000 from controversial dispersement of civil forfeiture funds

Israel gave Lauren's Kids ten grand and Ron Book gives Sheriff Israel $3000. This is the literal definition of a quid pro quo.

Broward Sheriff’s Office trust fund had lax oversight, auditors find
JUL 22, 2020 AT 5:52 PM

A trust fund overseen by the Broward Sheriff’s Office has been plagued with lax rules on conflicts of interest and missing documentation, according to an audit made public Wednesday.

Sheriff Gregory Tony commissioned the forensic audit in September.

The investigation conducted by Carr, Riggs & Ingram LLC examined the agency’s Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which consists of money forfeited during criminal investigations. Auditors examined records from Jan. 1, 2008, through June 30, 2019, when former sheriffs Al Lamberti and Scott Israel oversaw the program.

Tony said he requested the audit because the agency did not have a consistent process for distributing hundreds of thousands of dollars seized during criminal investigations to community groups.

We have been reviewing and analyzing all expenditures in this agency,” he said. “I would be a fool not to.”

Tony is facing his predecessor, Israel, in the Aug. 18 Democratic primary. Israel led the agency from January 2013 until his suspension by Gov. Ron DeSantis in January 2019.

Trust fund dollars are passed on to charitable organizations, but auditors found the Broward Sheriff’s Office did not require grant applicants to disclose potential conflicts of interest with the sheriff or BSO personnel. In several cases, the agency did not perform conflict-of-interest checks.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants were handed out under the Israel and Lamberti administrations to nonprofit organizations with officers who had made political contributions to the sheriff, according to the audit.

More than $790,000 in grants were distributed to 14 organizations with officers who had given Israel’s campaign just over $17,100 in political donations, according to the audit.

The list includes several well-known charitable organizations in the community, such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County and Women in Distress of Broward County.

Lauren’s Kids, a nonprofit focused on child sex abuse prevention, received $10,000 through the trust fund.

That organization is headed by the powerful lobbyist Ron Book, who had given $3,000 to Israel’s campaign. His daughter, state Sen. Lauren Book, serves as the organization’s chief executive officer...

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Ron Book's defense has largely been denied in his DUI case

Motions in Ron Book's DUI case were largely denied on July 15th, 2020 (Note: Motion In limine #2 apparently involved an attempt to exclude testimony from the officer who gave Ron Book the Field Sobriety Test.)

Monday, June 29, 2020

Lauren Book's "expert witness" actually proves that Senator Lauren Book is a menace to society

We at Floridians For Freedom (F3) are over the moon seeing FloriDUH State Senator Lauren Book lose her blatant SLAPP Suit. But while it was great that the viuctory was overwhelmingly in Logue's favor, the news medua instead focused heavily on the dissenting opinion.

Judge Mel-UGH-nie G May (What does the G stand for? Goober? Goof? Germ? Grungy? Gullible? good-for-nothing?) decided to focus on the words by one of Lauren Book's witnesses:

"So if you have all those factors together, someone with an agenda, somebody who affiliates with others with that same agenda, somebody who increases their approach, somebody who's angry or has angry outbursts, somebody who announces their intentions in terms of what they're going to do, all of those things together can significantly increase an individual's risk potential."

Do you know anyone like this? Well I do. In fact, this fits Senator Book to a T.

"Someone with an agenda": Lauren Book has a single agenda, namely the passage of tough sex offense laws. She's willing to lie to the public as well as use her status as a professional victim to advance her cause. She doesn't do anything else, as evidenced by her antipathy towards the Parkland shooting victims. She had no problem, however, with using the Parkland shooter

"Somebody who affiliates with others with that same agenda": Lauren Book runs a charity to advance her cause and surrounding herself with like-minded people, including her father, who really runs the charity.

"Somebody who increases their approach": Lauren Book began with her charity, growing it into a multimillion dollar industry, then started a yearly march across the state, which got bigger and gaudier until a protest made her change her approach. Now she claimed an unopposed state senate seat.

"Somebody who's angry or has angry outbursts" When anyone dares to question Lauren Book on her questionable fundraising efforts, she hides behind her abuse narrative angrily, as noted in the Miami New Times in 2015:

"Political points?" Lauren asked incredulously. "I want to be clear about one thing. I was raped every day for six years, and they were the six most horrible and horrific years of my life. I felt guilty, ashamed, invisible, bad, dirty, hurt, and afraid every single day from the time that I was 11 until I was 16... Children in every community on the planet are also enduring the pain I suffered. I am trying to turn my personal pain into something positive and hopefully prevent this from happening to others."

In her BBC interview, Lauren Book admits to lashing out at her husband and gets very angry when she hears registered persons say they deserve a second chance.

Lauren Book is angry and has angry outbursts.

"Somebody who announces their intentions in terms of what they're going to do": In an interview with the BBC, Lauren Book stated, "We take away their civil rights... but if you commit a crime against a child... you shouldn't have a seciond chance... Why, because I, Lauren Book, is not willing to allow you to have a second chance."

"All of those things together can significantly increase an individual's risk potential."

What does this say about Lauren Book? She was willing to drag an innocent man through the mud for years, making false allegations, comparing him to mass shooters, and filing SLAPP suits against him. She's willing to force people to live in squalor while she eats rich foods from her ivory tower. She believes certain people dio not deserve a second chance and takes active stepd to deny them that chance. Now tell me who is the REAL danger here?

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Head of Miami-Dade Homeless Trust Ron Book thinks feeding a homeless persion is "selfish" and "self-serving"

Ron Book's war on Miami's homelessness has reached Trumpian levels of absurdity. Yet, he's still running the Homeless "Trust."

Seems to me, Ron and his daughter take sick pleasure in harming as many human lives as possible, be it by assisting in bringing up false allegations against people or by slamming his lambroghini into another car while drunk then blaming the other driver for it.

Ron Book is a real danger to society.


Miami passes ordinance requiring permits to feed large groups of homeless people
JUNE 25, 2020 06:49 PM ,

Miami city commissioners on Thursday voted 3-1 to pass an ordinance restricting when and where individuals and organizations can feed people experiencing homelessness.

The ordinance, sponsored by Commissioners Joe Carollo and Manolo Reyes, is against “systematic street feeding,” Reyes said. But the ordinance drew opposition from District 2 Commissioner Ken Russell, the only dissenting vote, as well as from the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ordinance requires individuals and organizations to obtain permits for feedings that will attract 25 or more people experiencing homelessness in a public place. Carollo was absent for the vote.

“We are organizing street feeding and making it more efficient,” said Reyes, who represents District 4 on the commission. “We are creating a program that really, if you want to help the homeless, you should be in favor of it, because we are going to have them as a group under a roof and we are going to supply them all of the support that they need.”

The ordinance states that groups of of houseless people tend to “gather, live and sleep” where food distributions take place daily. The ordinance argues this results in “an increase in unsanitary conditions and breeding conditions for outbreaks of communicable disease, which negatively impacts the health, safety, and welfare of surrounding businesses and residents.”

Additionally, in an op-ed published in the Miami Herald, Reyes argued public feedings produce “harmful side effects,” citing “garbage left on the streets, little attention paid to social distancing measures and volunteers exposed to the potential spread of COVID-19.”

Those who wish to feed large groups of homeless people must obtain a permit at least two days before a scheduled feeding from the Department of Human Services. A person or organization can provide only one feeding per week.

Additionally, feedings are restricted to five “designated feeding locations,” to be determined by the city manager. The ordinance states the locations must be “within easy walking distance to locations where large groups of homeless are known to congregate,” paved and have adequate parking and lighting. Each location may host only one feeding per day.

The ordinance goes into effect in 30 days.

Earlier in the meeting Thursday morning, Narciso Muñoz, of the nonprofit Hermanos de la Calle, said he supported the ordinance and thought it was important for the city to create spaces where people experiencing homelessness could get meals and connect with other social services. Muñoz said the city should also work toward moving people into housing.

“More than food, what the homeless need is housing,” he said. “Not a shelter. A house.”

The ordinance also lays out punishments for those who violate the new rules: a $250 fine for the first occurrence and $500 for each following occurrence. Russell said he supported the general idea of the ordinance but was against the included punishment, saying it sent the “wrong message.”

“We’ve talked about this for years. And step one to me is to create the program, not the punishment,” Russell said. “We’re taking the right steps in creating a program but we’re undermining it by creating the stick portion of this at this point.”

Russell proposed approving the ordinance without the section outlining the fines, but was shot down by Reyes.

Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union agreed with Russell, arguing in a letter to the commission that the requirements would make it too easy to penalize people or groups who are offering food to a few dozen people.

“The City of Miami should invest in constructive alternatives to end homelessness, instead of punishing unhoused persons and the charitable organizations that seek to feed the poor,” the letter reads.

In the letter, the attorneys criticized the proposal as “simply cruel and inhumane” and said the feeding ordinance “would effectively serve as an unlawful ban on all public food service to the homeless throughout the city.”

“During the current economic crisis and resultant reduction in food services to the poor, it is likely that all organizations that serve food to the homeless would attract at least 25 hungry persons, thus always triggering the operation of the proposed ordinance whenever anyone seeks to feed the poor,” the letter reads. “Given the proposed ordinance’s severe restrictions on the sites, instances and times in which food can be served to the homeless, this ordinance would therefore effectively operate as an unlawful ban on serving food to the vast majority, if not all, of the homeless throughout the entire City.”

Those watching the meeting via YouTube livestream seemed overwhelmingly against the proposal, based on comments in the chat that accompanied the stream. Commenters criticized the proposal, saying it “criminalized” helping the homeless population.

But Ron Book, head of the Homeless Trust, spoke in support of the ordinance Thursday.

“The most selfish and self-serving thing that we can do is hand someone a meal, leaving them to languish in their current circumstances. There is no humanity in that,” Book said. “What Commissioner Reyes’ program is going to do is give us an opportunity to give those people that are civic-minded to coordinate and to help participate in an organized way to sync it with our efforts to get people off the streets.”

Advocates assisting those experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 crisis have criticized Book and the Homeless Trust for not providing more housing and testing. Book has rebutted arguments that the organization isn’t doing enough to help, citing the trust’s efforts to place people in hotel rooms the organization acquires.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Derek Logue soundly defeats the evil Lauren Book AGAIN in Florida 4th Court of Appeals

FloriDUH Judge Mel-UGH-nie May,
who wrote the dissenting opinion
Bimbo Book defeated by an overwhelming 8-3 majority (the dissenting opinion was writeen by  by a Jeb Bush appointee who volunteers for children's charities so her opinion is worthless). She apparently Can't Understand Normal Thinking, much like the Bimbo she's defending.

A lawsuit against Bimbo Book seems to me like a reasonable next step.

At any rate, the media never gets Derek Logue's opinion on the matter, and this article by the Sun SLANTinel is trying to spin the story, but that's par for the course. A win is a win is a win.

Cyberstalking injunction obtained by Sen. Lauren Book overturned by appeals court
JUN 24, 2020 AT 6:10 PM

The 4th District Court of Appeal, in an 8-3 ruling, said a Broward County circuit judge improperly granted an injunction that, in part, was designed to prevent Derek Warren Logue from having contact with Florida Sen. Lauren Book and from publishing any statement threatening her.
The 4th District Court of Appeal, in an 8-3 ruling, said a Broward County circuit judge improperly granted an injunction that, in part, was designed to prevent Derek Warren Logue from having contact with Florida Sen. Lauren Book and from publishing any statement threatening her. (Phil Sears/AP)
TALLAHASSEE — Citing First Amendment rights, an appeals court Wednesday overturned an injunction that state Sen. Lauren Book obtained because of alleged cyberstalking and harassment by an activist who opposes laws dealing with sex-offender registries.

The full 4th District Court of Appeal, in an 8-3 ruling, said a Broward County circuit judge improperly granted an injunction that, in part, was designed to prevent Derek Warren Logue from having contact with Book and from publishing any statement threatening her.

Book, who was sexually abused as a child by a nanny and is a prominent advocate for victims’ rights, pointed to actions by Logue at events in Tallahassee and New York and online posts in seeking the injunction. But the appeals-court majority, while describing Logue’s posts as “vulgar and insulting,” said Logue did not violate a state stalking law and that his actions were protected by the First Amendment.

“As tempting as it might be to force some civility into the matter by stanching respondent’s (Logue’s) speech against petitioner (Book) with a court order, to do so would ignore the protections of the First Amendment and the wording of the stalking statute,” said the 19-page majority opinion, written by Judge Mark Klingensmith. “There was no evidence presented to the trial court that respondent incited action by urging people to threaten harm to petitioner or her family. Claims of threatening speech or harassing action are actionable if the speaker threatens, harasses or intimidates, and intended targets would reasonably perceive that intent. Merely posting public information, or potentially embarrassing and annoying content, without more, is not conduct within the stalking statute and does not entitle petitioner to an injunction.”

The opinion also cited Book’s status as a public figure.

“Respondent’s offensive vulgar and insulting posts are part of that friction and grist of public discourse intended by our Founders when forming this nation,” wrote Klingensmith, who was joined in the opinion by Chief Judge Spencer Levine and judges Robert Gross, Dorian Damoorgian, Jonathan Gerber, Burton Conner, Alan Forst and Jeffrey Kuntz. “Petitioner may feel discomfort by respondent’s anger as expressed in his postings, but discomfort is not tantamount to being threatened or harassed. His speech advocates for citizen-led political change and seeks to influence the legislative process. Though his words may be base and insulting at times, it is also pure, political, and protected protest deserving of the broadest possible First Amendment protections.”

But in a dissent, Judge Melanie May wrote that she agreed with the circuit judge that Logue “willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly harassed the petitioner through a course of conduct which caused her substantial emotional distress and served no legitimate purpose.”

“Must we wait until someone commits some violent act before our system can protect its citizens? Haven’t we witnessed enough tragedies to know that our failure to address precursors of violence often leads to a more egregious tragedy?” wrote May, who was joined in the dissent by judges Martha Warner and Cory Ciklin. “Today we live in a culture where social media postings, like those involved here, have led people to lash out and wreak havoc on our children, families, friends, and communities. Social media posts, which direct attention and can motivate others to act, are threatening and dangerous. In fact, perhaps more so as the subject of the postings has no way of knowing who reads or may act upon them.”

A three-judge panel of the South Florida appeals court also ruled against the injunction in August, but the full court agreed to take up the case.

Book, D-Plantation, heads the nonprofit group Lauren’s Kids, which works on issues related to preventing sexual abuse of children. Wednesday’s majority opinion said Logue is a co-founder of what is described as the Anti-Registry Movement, which opposes sex-offender laws.

Part of the lawsuit involved Logue’s actions protesting a children’s march in Tallahassee and at a film festival in New York. The film festival included the screening of a documentary about sex offenders. Book answered audience questions after the documentary, and Logue took the microphone and asked a question that a law-enforcement officer testified was in a loud, aggressive manner, according to court documents.

All of the judges on the appeals court agreed that Logue’s conduct at the Tallahassee and New York events was protected by the First Amendment. But the judges focused on online posts by Logue that included Book’s address and a picture of her home, a video of a song with vulgar lyrics and a cartoon depicting a headstone, May wrote.

“The majority suggests the respondent’s ‘rants’ were simply vulgar expressions that he is entitled to make under the First Amendment,” May wrote in the dissent. “We disagree. When such rants are posted on social media, they take on a more global reach. In short, the petitioner proved the respondent willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly harassed her.”

But member of the majority focused on free-speech rights.

“While the drafters of the First Amendment did not conceive of the internet, they know the paramount importance of freedom of speech,” Gross wrote in a concurring opinion with the majority. “Since the dawn of the Republic, it has been the responsibility of voters to exercise political judgment, to examine political speech and to separate truth from fiction in casting a vote. If the First Amendment stands for anything, it is that courts should rarely, if ever, interfere with the political process by punishing or penalizing political speech.”

Jim Saunders writes for the News Service of Florida.