Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why would a candidate running unopposed even need a million bucks for a PAC running out of her own home?

Welcome to the Corporate HQ for "Leadership For Broward"!
OK, maybe it isn't a million bucks yet, but it will be a million before the election is over.

First thing I'd like to mention is it appears Lauren Book is running her PAC from her own house (NW 108th Way, Plantation FL), or at least someone's private residence bought for $530,000 in January 2014, according to the Zillow real estate site. It seems a bit odd for someone running a PAC out of a private residence like that, especially when Lauren's Kids has an office in Aventura,18851 NE 29th Ave Suite 1010, Aventura, FL 33180  (which is also the same address as Ron Book's corporate offices, 18851 NE 29th Ave #1010, Aventura, FL 33180). What's the deal?

(It is also interesting to note that the congressional districts were changed, and Emmanuel Blimie, who was going to run against Book, is still in District 33, but Book was REZONED to District 32, so NOW Book is TRULY running unopposed!)

Thankfully, you can keep tabs on this "PAC" at the FL Dept. of State website. Lauren Book is actually running as a Democrat. This may the first time in my life I vote Republican!

Committee Tracking System
Leadership for Broward

Type: Political Committee
Status: Active
Address: 101 Northwest 108th Way
Plantation, FL 33324
Phone: (305)360-6422
Chairperson: Lauren Book
Treasurer: Nancy H. Watkins
610 South Boulevard
Tampa, FL 336060000
Registered Agent: Lauren Book
101 Northwest 108th Way
Plantation, FL 333240000

You can use the Dept. of State website to look at the list of contributors. Here are a couple of notables:

2014   M11      11/26/2014    $25,000.00 THE GEO GROUP, INC. (Private Prisons)
2015   M3       03/10/2015     $5,000.00 RAI SERVICES COMPANY  (Big Tobacco)
2015   M7       07/23/2015    $10,000.00 GOLD COAST BEVERAGE, LLC (Beer)
2015   M7       07/30/2015     $1,000.00 TRUTH IN POLITICS, INC. (An "inactive" org has donation funds? Hm)
2015   M9       09/18/2015     $1,000.00 BEER DISTRIBUTOR'S COMMITTEE FOR GOOD GOV'T (the Beer Lobby)
2016   M2       02/11/2016    $25,000.00 THE GEO GROUP, INC. (Again, that makes $50k)

Lauren Book for Senate-- Private prisons, beer and smoking for EVERYONE!

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