Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lauren Book is married for a second time. Shall we take bets to see how long this one lasts?

Smeagol and her "Precious"
Welcome to the Jerry Springer portion of Floridians For Freedom. It seems that Lauren Book can't even manage her love life, so how can we expect her to manage the 32nd District? So if this piece sounds more Springeresque, I'm just trying to set the mood.

Personally, I'm not all that concerned with her "love life," but it seems daddy Book didn't want to shell out another million bucks for his princess. (I reckon one literal "million dollar wedding" was enough even for daddy longbucks.) So apparently Lauren was so frigid to her first hubby (semi-pro golfer turned car guy Kris Lim) that he allegedly found a little warmth in Lauren's best friend (and apparently his put a little of himself in Lauren's best friend, according to Lauren herself).

So anyways, Smeagol (or "Buggie B" as her douchebag friends call her) found herself a new precious named Blair Jacob Byrnes. Apparently he's a computer and security chump working for Microsoft, a company almost as synonymous with glitches as Lauren Book. Apparently this schmuck also works as a campaign manager. How convenient. Gee, I wonder how much money this asshat gets from Lauren's "Leadership for Broward."

Lauren Book Quietly Remarries (Check out the Gift Registry)
Submitted by Nancy Smith on July 14, 2015 - 6:47am
Apparently we missed a major wedding in Plantation Saturday -- the second marriage of Lauren's Kids' founder Lauren Book, 30, this time to Blair Byrnes. 

You might remember seeing Byrnes in February, walking with his fiancee as the Lauren's Kids entourage arrived in Tallahassee to wrap up the Walk in My Shoes charity event.

Maybe press attended Saturday's wedding, but if any journalists were on hand, the write-ups are hiding in plain sight. My only clue was a link to the bride and groom's wedding registry at Bloomie's. Have a look for yourself. (Nice taste, you two.)

The wedding probably wasn't a patch on the party that launched Book's first marriage to golfer Kris Kim in 2008, a splashy, $1 million affair involving 600 guests at Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura. No kidding, a $1 million wedding.

It was filmed as Season 3, Episode 25 in the WEtv series "Platinum Weddings" and billed with this: "A half-million dollar budget gets blown out of the water when Daddy’s Princess gets every wedding wish she ever desired."

But, back to Saturday.

At almost the same time as Lauren and Blair were tying the knot, Buddy Nevins in told us Lauren's Dad, lobbyist Ron Book, had just bought his daughter a steal of an apartment at The Plaza Condominium in Tallahassee -- perhaps looking forward to Lauren's Senate run to replace Eleanor Sobel who is term-limited in 2016.

Gag me with a spoon.

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