Friday, May 12, 2017

Would it surprise you if I pointed out that Ron Book was a major contributor to the racist/ sexist disgraed ex-senator Frank Artiles?

Well if you are shocked by this revelation, you must be new to this blog. frank Artiles WAS a state senator until his recent resignation. Why did he resign? Read on...

Spotting her at the Governors Club Lounge in downtown Tallahassee around 10:30 p.m., Artiles, who had been drinking, confronted [Senator Audrey] Gibson: “Audrey, stop being a bitch on my bills and I’ll stop being a fucking asshole on yours.”

His words would mark the beginning of the end of his Senate career.

By the end of his tirade, Artiles had called Gibson a “girl,” Senate President Joe Negron a “pussy” and Republicans who had elected Negron “niggas.” By the end of the week, Artiles had resigned, succumbing to pressure from a Senate overcome by the scandal...

[Sen. Perry] Thurston got Artiles to apologize to Gibson for saying “fucking asshole” and “bitch,” which Thurston himself hadn’t overheard. But Gibson stormed off to the restroom — and out of the club — without the apology from Artiles that Thurston sought for everything else he had heard Artiles tell her, including “niggas.” Both Gibson and Thurston are black.

Past midnight, Thurston telephoned Senate Democratic Leader Oscar Braynon of Miami Gardens, who is also black, to fill him in. Thurston told him he had invited Artiles to apologize to Gibson on Tuesday morning. Artiles never showed.

Braynon thought of immediately reporting Artiles to Republican leaders. But he and Thurston gave Artiles two more opportunities to apologize: Tuesday morning on the Senate floor, and Tuesday afternoon at the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism and Economic Development.

Artiles didn’t want to say sorry...

Thurston emphasized the tirade was not Artiles’ first controversy. Two years earlier, a college student accused Artiles of punching him at Clyde’s & Costello’s bar. In 2014, then-outgoing Rep. Doug Holder joked he wanted to will Artiles a punching bag — a reference to a previous scuffle between Artiles and another lawmaker’s aide. Thurston suggested other incidents “are perhaps not so well documented.”

In short, Sen. Artiles has a reputation of being a racist, sexist bully. Well, I don't know if Ron Book is a sexist or racist, but he is a bully, so it is no shock that Ronald L. Book PA donated $4000 to Sen. Briles. [Also notable, GEO Group, Ron Book's client, donated $6000.] Sometimes you CAN judge a man by the company he keeps.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lauren Book Ethical Concerns part 2: Driver's Tags

Florida Bulldog is doing a great job so far of exposing Lauren's lack of ethics while in office. The comment section already contains comments by Book foundation sock puppets, however.

Lauren Book claims she has stepped down from Lauren's Kids, yet she's STILL listed on the BOD at the website.

MAY 4, 2017 AT 5:34 AM
Lauren’s Kids racks up six-figure donations via auto tag registration renewals
By Francisco Alvarado,

In January, Broward County car owners who received their auto tag renewal notices also got a special message from Lauren’s Kids, the nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing child sex abuse and founded by freshman State Sen. Lauren Book.

Inside the envelopes, colorful flyers bearing Lauren’s Kids logo wished vehicle registrants a happy birthday while segueing into an ominous stat: “Yet shockingly, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthday.” 

That bit of data was followed by a sales pitch. “But there is hope — 95 percent of abuse is preventable through awareness and education. Celebrate your birthday by donating to the Lauren’s Kids foundation and honor the kids in your life.”

Of course, the advertisement includes a disclaimer in small italicized words that the Broward County tax collector’s office, which sends out the notices, is not endorsing Lauren’s Kids.

Drivers with February birthdates weren’t the only ones to find the Lauren’s Kids flyer in their motor vehicle registration renewal envelopes. Broward residents who received renewal notices in March and April also got the insert. Those automobile registrants whose notices are mailed this month are going to get the flyer too, says Paul Rowe, operations manager for the Broward tax collector’s office.

In fact, more than 6 million vehicle owners across Florida likely will have received the flyer stuffed in their auto tag renewal notices by year’s end. For the past seven years, Lauren’s Kids has been part of an exclusive club of charitable organizations approved by the Legislature that are allowed to hit up Florida drivers and vehicle owners for donations via auto tag and driver’s license renewal notices. But none of the other 43 nonprofits on the list has come close to Lauren’s Kids’ haul during a four-year period from 2013 through 2016 — $572,850, according to figures provided by the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles.

The department also contributes to Lauren’s Kids via the sale of specialty license plates approved by the Legislature in 2013. According to its most recent tax records, Lauren’s Kids received $294,653 from the DMV in 2015.

Lauren’s Kids’ success has been made possible by the organization’s aggressive marketing strategy to stuff as many auto tag renewal and driver’s license renewal envelopes with flyers requesting contributions and urging people to buy its specialty tag. The practice raises concerns among ethics watchdogs that government resources are being used to help a private organization raise funds without a public benefit. While the motor vehicle department administers annual auto tag renewals, individual county tax collector offices are responsible for mailing out the notices to vehicle owners.

Conflict of interest?

And now that Book is a state legislator, her nonprofit’s participation in the auto tag renewal raises the possibility of a conflict of interest. “In a perfect world, she would not do it,” said Beth Rosenson, a University of Florida political science professor who teaches government ethics. “It’s an accountability issue that raises questions in constituents’ minds. It leads people not to trust government.”

Ben Wilcox, research director for the government watchdog organization Integrity Florida, echoed Rosenson. “It may be technically correct,” Wilcox said. “But I don’t think it will look good to the public.”

A Lauren’s Kids insert in a Florida Department of Motor Vehicles registration renewal.
In an email response to questions about the inserts, Book dismissed the criticisms. “First of all, none of what we do markets the foundation and you seem to miss the purpose of our messaging,” Book said. “Awareness and education is our focus. Redundancy of message is a part of that.”

She also sees no conflict, Book added. “I have been advised that the work of the foundation may continue as it has for years educating the public and raising awareness about childhood sexual abuse,” she said. “Furthermore, the program is approved by Florida law.”

The Plantation Democrat, whose father Ronald Book is a powerful lobbyist and president of Lauren’s Kids, said she resigned from the board of directors of her nonprofit’s fundraising arm to “add an additional (but entirely unnecessary) layer between myself and the foundation.”

“I derive no personal benefit from public tax dollars except knowing that these monies are being used to save lives, raise awareness and prevent childhood sexual abuse,” she said.

In 2010, the Florida Legislature approved a bill adding Lauren’s Kids to a list of charitable organizations eligible for donations through auto tag registration applications and renewals, as well as driver’s license applications and renewals. The charities are listed on a form with a box next to each organization that the recipient can check off to receive a voluntary contribution. The legislation also allows Lauren’s Kids and the 43 other authorized nonprofits to include inserts promoting their cause in the renewal notices.

According to a 2010 legislative bill analysis and fiscal impact statement, the legislation authorizing Lauren’s Kids placement on the list was sponsored by then-state Rep. Marcelo Llorente from Miami and current Senate President Joe Negron. In order to qualify, Lauren’s Kids was required to submit an application to the motor vehicles department, along with a $20,000 check to “defray the costs of reviewing the application and developing the check-off.”

In addition, Lauren’s Kids had to submit a financial analysis and a marketing strategy outlining the anticipated revenues and planned expenditures to be derived from the voluntary contributions.

DMV passes the buck

However, after nearly four weeks of repeatedly requesting documentation about Lauren’s Kids participation in the program, motor vehicles spokesperson Alexis Bakofsky told Florida Bulldog there was none. “The department does not place Lauren’s Kids educational materials in driver license renewal mailings or have information regarding Lauren’s Kids educational materials being placed in auto tag renewal mailings from tax collector offices,” Bakofsky said. “You may want to contact a Tax Collector office for any additional information.”

Bakofsky did provide Florida Bulldog with a spreadsheet detailing how much money each of the 44 organizations received in fiscal years 2013-2014, 2015 and 2016. In those years, Lauren’s Kids received $161,936, $213,517 and $197,397, respectively. Only one other group has been able to raise a six-figure sum. Support Our Troops collected $108,791 in fiscal year 2013-2014.

The money raised through the renewal notice program is in addition to other funding Lauren’s Kids receives, including $8.5 million in state grants since 2012.

Sen. Book referred specific questions about the program to Lauren’s Kids communications director Claire VanSusteren, who did not respond to a list of 11 questions about the inserts despite four requests for comment via email and voicemail during a two-week period in March.

VanSusteren provided Florida Bulldog only with a copy of Lauren’s Kids 2015 tax return, which states Lauren’s Kids spent $449,785 to “develop an educational piece regarding protecting children against sex abuse that is included with all vehicle registration renewals… the goal is to reach as many individuals with direct messaging as possible.”

The tax return also states “that over 6 million individuals will read the material this year.”

In addition, Lauren’s Kids reaches another 50,000 individuals in December of each year through a “targeted program [that] occurs in driver’s license renewal offices” that provides “educational materials on how to better protect our children from predators and pedophiles.”

Broward County’s Rowe told Florida Bulldog that Lauren’s Kids was added administratively in 2011. “We don’t advertise it to participating charities,” Rowe said. “It’s up to the organizations to submit a request for the inserts to be included.” Only two other nonprofit organizations have asked to include inserts in renewal notices besides Lauren’s Kids, he added.

“Outside of those three, no one else has done it,” Rowe said.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Nepotism defined: Lauren Book is poised to legally steal another $1 MILLION taxpayer dollars

Did anyone honestly think that Lauren Book would go through her campaign without engaging in a little nepotism. Now that Bimbo Book is a state senator, she can just raid the coffers from the inside. No doubt she won't recuse herself from the appropriations committee.

Interestingly, even though Lauren Book claims to have resigned from her puppet post at Lauren's Kids, yet she's STILL listed as the CEO on her website

As reported in the Miami Herald:

"For example, Lauren’s Kids, a non-profit founded by Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, to promote awareness of and to prevent sexual abuse against children, is eligible for another $1 million from taxpayers. Nunez is the sponsor of the project (HB 3261) and its lobbyist, Ron Book, is the senator’s father.

The nine-page project application says that most of the $1 million would be spent on printing of materials, curriculum fulfillment, storage, travel and videography. Other expenses include $75,000 for consultants, $55,000 for an executive director (listed on as Ivette Diaz) and $35,000 for a communications director (listed as Claire Van Sustersen, aka Horseteeth). The application says Lauren’s Kids, which is overseen by the Department of Education, will seek an additional $3 million to $10 million in public money in the next five years."

Read more here:

Someone should photoshop this, that expression is priceless. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Like Father Like Bimbo Daughter: Lauren Book's senator seat already getting warm with ethics issues

The rotten apple does not fall far from the rotten tree.

MARCH 20, 2017 AT 5:28 AM
Ms. Book goes to Tallahassee, sees no conflict voting $ for Lauren’s Kids or dad’s clients

By Francisco Alvarado,

Freshman Broward State Sen. Lauren Book says she won’t abstain from voting on matters involving clients of her father, powerful lobbyist Ron Book. Similarly, she sees no conflict of interest in voting on measures to funnel millions of taxpayer dollars to benefit her non-profit charity and political launching pad, Lauren’s Kids.

Book, a Plantation Democrat, offered her thoughts on the issue of personal voting conflicts in an email exchange last week with Florida Bulldog.

“No,” she said when asked if she plans to abstain from voting on any matters involving Ron Book’s clients. “In ALL matters, I will vote my conscience and in what I believe is best for my district, for Broward County, and for the people of the State of Florida.”

Sen. Book also said that Lauren’s Kids would again seek significant state funding during this year’s legislative session that began March 7. Does that mean she will abstain from voting on bills to authorize funding for her organization?

“No. I have met with the Counsel of the Senate and have been advised that it is proper that I do not abstain on these matters unless the funding directly inures to my benefit, which it will not,” Sen. Book said.

Lauren’s Kids, however, pays Sen. Book a six-figure annual salary for serving as its chief executive. In 2015, her salary was $135,000 – a $20,000 increase from 2014, according to the charity’s federal income tax returns.

“My salary is not paid for with any state funds,” said Sen. Book. “I derive no personal benefit from public tax dollars except knowing that these monies are being used to save lives, raise awareness and prevent childhood sexual abuse.”

Sen. Book said that to make certain her salary includes no state dollars, she “restructured my employment to ensure that no public dollars were used to compensate me for my work” once she declared her candidacy. She declined to elaborate on how she accomplished that restructuring and that separation.

Sen. Book did say, however, that she resigned from the board of directors of the Lauren’s Kids Foundation “to add an additional (but entirely unnecessary) layer between myself and the Foundation.”

Lauren’s Kid’s tax return for 2015 – the latest available – shows the charity received more than 83 percent of its $4.5 million in total revenue that year from the state. Since 2012, records show, the state has contributed more than $10 million to Lauren’s Kids.

The Florida Department of Education has requested another $1 million in funding for Lauren’s Kids for Fiscal Year 2017-18 “so we can continue to educate children and families to prevent abuse and help survivors,” said Sen. Book. “I might add, the DOE would only recommend funding if as experts they believed the curriculum was of significant benefit to our children.’’

Ron Book as landlord

Lobbyist Ron Book, the senator’s father, is the unpaid president of Lauren’s Kids. Yet he also makes money from Lauren’s Kids. According to the 501(c) (3) organization’s 2015 tax return, he paid himself $61,651 for renting space to Lauren’s Kids in his Aventura office.

Ron Book, who is also on the charity’s board, collected $63,175 in rent from Lauren’s Kids in 2014, according to that year’s tax return.

Ron Book declined to comment.

On Wednesday, March 22, Sen. Book will face one of the first ethical tests of her nascent political career. As a member of the Florida Senate’s health policy committee, she will be evaluating five bills to establish the rules and regulations for the state’s medical marijuana industry.

While some patient and industry advocates argue the state should open up the market to competition, four of the bills discourage participation by more cannabis providers beyond the seven companies already licensed to manufacture a non-psychoactive, non-smokable form of the drug under a restrictive medical marijuana program set up by the Legislature in 2014.

Among the Florida licensed providers is a joint venture between Homestead-based nursery Alpha Foliage and Surterra, an Atlanta-based medical marijuana company that employs the senator’s father Ron Book as its Tallahassee lobbyist.

While government watchdogs said Sen. Book should abstain from voting on any matters involving her father, she told Florida Bulldog she has no intention of doing so because Florida law and Senate rules do not prohibit it.

“As I stated above, I will follow the letter and spirit of the law in how I vote and how I conduct my business,” she said.

Conflict questions loom

Still, questions about Sen. Book’s potential vote conflicts involving both her father’s 100-plus clients and Lauren’s Kids loom large.

Ben Wilcox, research director for the government watchdog organization Integrity Florida, noted that because Florida has a citizen legislature that allows members to have outside employment, the bar is set low when it comes to ethical requirements.

Florida’s weak Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees says that state officers “may not vote on any matter that the officer knows would inure to his or her special gain or loss.” It does not prohibit such votes. Rather, the code says vaguely that officers who vote to benefit themselves or a relative “shall make every reasonable effort to disclose the nature of his or her interest in a public memorandum” that can be filed up to 15 days after the vote.

Sen. Book, nevertheless, could face questions when it comes time to vote on an appropriations bill that would include Lauren’s Kids, which advocates against child sex abuse.

“You are not supposed to vote on something that has a direct benefit to you personally,” said Wilcox. “That is where she may get into some trouble if her organization is getting an appropriation from the Legislature.”

Wilcox said Book should also be mindful about voting on matters favorable to her father’s clients. “She should be sensitive to the appearance of a conflict of interest,” Wilcox said. “Even if it technically is not a conflict, it raises questions in the public’s mind and causes the public to lose confidence in government.”

Since founding Lauren’s Kids 10 years ago, Book has seemed on a trajectory for public office. In addition to appearing before the Legislature to lobby in favor of laws that crack down on sexual predators and child abusers, Book has led an annual walk from Key West to Tallahassee to raise awareness for child sex victims that receives statewide media coverage. She’s also written two books, including one for children, about her own experience being sexually abused by her former nanny. Book and her father had a starring role in the recently released documentary about Florida’s sex offender laws called Untouchable.

Book, 32, decided to run for the Senate seat previously held by Eleanor Sobel, who left the Legislature in 2016 due to term limits. After raising more than $1.5 million through her campaign and her political action committee, Leadership for Broward, Book automatically won the seat when no one filed to run against her. A Bulldog analysis of her 2015 and 2016 campaign finance reports and her father’s client list show she received $35,000 from 15 entities that employ Ron Book.

Clients and contributions

Of that amount, her campaign received $1,000 apiece from two of Surterra’s owners, Michael Havenick and Alexander Havenick, who is also vice president and general counsel for Southwest Florida Enterprises, a company that owns several pari-mutuels in the state, including Magic City Casino in Miami. Southwest, four affiliated companies and four other Havenicks also each gave the $1,000 maximum to Sen. Book’s campaign.

According to 2016 lobbyist compensation reports filed with the state, Ron Book’s law firm was paid between $40,000 and $80,000 by Surterra to lobby the Legislature. Ron L. Book P.A. also received approximately $30,000 from Surterra to lobby the executive branch.

Lauren’s Kids has also been the beneficiary of millions of dollars in state funding. According to the organization’s 2014 tax return, Lauren’s Kids received $2.7 million in state grants. Its 2015 tax return shows the nonprofit got $3.4 million that year from Florida’s Department of Education. In 2016, records show, the Legislature awarded Lauren’s Kids $1 million.

Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles also contributes to Lauren’s Kids via the sale of specialty license plates approved by the Legislature. Lauren’s Kids, which got its specialty tag in 2013, received $294,653 from the DMV in 2015, tax records show.

Further, the DMV allows Lauren’s Kids to insert a brochure asking for donations in every auto tag renewal notice mailed to Florida residents. Lauren’s Kids is one of several nonprofits eligible to insert their brochures under the specialty tag program.

Beth Rosenson, a University of Florida political science professor who teaches a course on ethics in U.S. politics, said in an interview that Book might derive a benefit from her father’s earnings as a lobbyist. “Parents always help out their kids,” Rosenson said. “Let’s say she had a medical emergency or something in which she needed money so her father’s financial situation is not something that is totally separate from hers.”

Rosenson said Sen. Book’s potential for conflict is analogous to President Donald Trump and his sons, who have taken over the Republican billionaire’s companies while he’s in the White House. “In a perfect world, she would realize that her relationship with her father raises questions of conflict of interest,” Rosenson said. “So ideally, yes she should recuse herself.”

When it comes to Lauren’s Kids, Integrity Florida’s Wilcox said even if Book’s salary is not being paid with state funds, she should still abstain from voting on matters involving her nonprofit. “In an abundance of caution, that is something she may want to reconsider,” Wilcox said. “While technically it may be correct, I don’t think it will look good to the public.”

Monday, March 13, 2017

Senator Lauren Book wants to take away parental rights of registrants who only viewed CP

I knew it would only be a matter of time before Lauren "The Bimbo" Book would start writing ill-designed public policy. (It should be noted that Lauren is on the Appropriations committee, which is the committee that passes bills determining how the state's money is spent. You can bet there WILL be a conflict of interest in regards to funding for special interests tied to the Books; if this idiot survives a single term without an ethics violation?)

To get involved and stop Book's proposal, visit the Florida Action Committee. (I disagree with their advice, however, about not mentioning your status as registered citizens. Hiding in the shadow fuels bad stereotypes.)

CALL TO ACTION!!! SB 1558 authored by Senator Lauren Book.
by Florida Action Committee | Mar 6, 2017 | Articles, Featured Articles | 6 comments
This is a horrible bill!

Child Exploitation; Revising the offenses that may be investigated and prosecuted by the Office of Statewide Prosecution; revising the types of offenses committed by a child in the custody of the Department of Children and Families which require the department to provide notice to the school superintendent; revising the type of offenses that create a rebuttable presumption of detriment for judicial determinations related to contact between a parent or caregiver and certain child victims, etc.

Among a number of things this bill seeks to do is remove parental rights of parents convicted of viewing child pornography even if the child was not the victim!

It empowers Department of Children and Families to make this call. We all know the horrific track record of DCF and how many children have died in their custody and control or oversight.


Why is Florida going backwards? The COSOMB has just released new guidelines which actually says it’s important for parents to have contact with their children. They have rethought a position which was widely held for many years in Colorado, and now they have realized it is detrimental to the family as a whole. Not just the returning registered person but to the very children who were denied access to their parent.
There are high profile ATSA members on this COSOMB who are consultants to the SMART office… I think they know far more than legislators in Florida who seek only to continue to punish a population who is of the least likely to reoffend and have  contact offense.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jean Zeeb: Lauren Book's column misleads about sex offenders

This article isn't perfect (I'm not keen on the "unscrupulous men" comment and the appeal to polygraphs (junk science). Still, this column debunks Lauren Book and her victim industry propaganda.

Jean Zeeb: Column misleads about sex offenders

Posted Jan 4, 2017 at 2:00 AM
By Jean Zeeb Special to The Sun

In Lauren Book's Dec. 11 column, she wrote about the dangers that sexual predators pose to children and admonishes parents to be suspicious of staff at youth-serving organizations. We all want to protect children, so how could such a column be objectionable? Because it is alarmist, misleading and mostly false.

I have been a sex offender therapist for over 20 years, treating well over 1,000 juvenile and adult sex offenders. For longer than that, I have worked with adults who were sexually victimized as children.

Book states that we must be vigilant for sexual predators who work in youth-serving capacities. She wrote that "the average sexual predator will offend against 117 children in his or her lifetime." This is an old trope, discredited decades ago.

Among sex offenders, there are those with child victims and those with adult victims. Those with child victims are further divided into two categories: child molesters and pedophiles.

Child molesters generally have one or two victims (verified by polygraphs), and these are children with whom they have close contact (e.g., as stepparents, babysitters, etc.). Child molesters are generally heterosexual, and are primarily interested in adult partners, but at one time or another victimized a child.

Pedophiles, on the other hand, are primarily (and often exclusively) attracted to children. While there are pedophiles who fit Book's description of "117 victims," such pedophiles are rare. Most are introverts and isolated from society. Though some act on their sexual desires, others do not.

"Sexual predator" is not a clinical term, but a legal one based primarily on statute. In Florida, the difference between being labeled a "sex offender" or "sexual predator" has little to do with the actual crime, and more to do with when the crime was committed and the presiding judge's whims. Any adult convicted of a sex crime against a child after Oct. 1, 1993, if the judge so deems, can be labeled a sexual predator.

In Florida, the definition of "adult" and "child" is a moving target. In terms of victims, anyone under the age of 18 is considered to be a child. Unlike 40 other states where the age of consent is lower, Florida's age of consent is 18.

When it comes to offenders, children as young as 14 who may have "experimented" with neighborhood kids, can, and regularly are, convicted of sexual offenses as adults. Since their victims are almost always younger, they are considered especially dangerous, as they have "targeted" such young victims and are thus labeled "sexual predators."

Here are a few other examples from my caseload: An 18-year-old high school student has sex with a 16 year old from school. He is convicted of a sex crime against a child, must drop out as he cannot now be around "children," and his hopes of joining the military after graduation are dashed. Instead he is labeled a sexual predator for his entire life. Had he done this in Georgia, where the age of consent is 16, no crime would have been committed.

A 22-year-old man meets someone in a chat room who claims to be 20 and posts a stock photo of a woman roughly that age. The conversation turns sexual and they exchange photos of their genitals. Her parents discover the photos and call the police. He is arrested and convicted of sending material harmful to a child and labeled a child sexual predator. She was 14 years old, though he had no way of knowing this.

A 23-year-old man goes to a dance club and picks up a woman at the bar. She goes home with him and they have sex. Three weeks later, he is arrested on a child sexual battery charge. The "woman" was 17 and used a fake ID to get into the bar. When she bragged about her sexual encounter with her school friends she was overheard by a teacher, who was mandated by the state to report the crime. The man is now convicted and labeled a sexual predator.

I do not mean to imply that there are not true child victims, children sexually exploited by unscrupulous men. Nor do I want to minimize the harm done to children by a trusted adult, such as a stepfather. Children are profoundly harmed by such activity. The countless heartbreaking stories that Book is likely privy to, and that I myself have heard in my offices, point to the devastation wreaked upon their lives.

But it is important to look with a more critical eye than Book is using. By using alarmist terms and discredited statistics, the complexity of the problem is obscured. When the term "sexual predator" applies alike to young men with "consenting" partners as it does for pedophiles, the term is, in effect, meaningless.

Book casts suspicion on the vast majority of well-intended adults who work with children. Most adults working with youth are altruistic men and women deserving of our appreciation.

- Jean Zeeb is a licensed mental health counselor and a clinical member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. She works with sex offenders and victims of sexual abuse in North Central Florida.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Ron Book, head of Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, brought ZERO donations to the homeless registrant camp

If there is one day out of the year that opens the hearts (and wallets) of charities, it is Christmas. Charities around the globe see an increase of donations around this time of year. In turn, charities tend to do more hands-on work this time of the year. Those of us at the Anti-Registry Movement are hard-pressed to think of a more desperate situation for registered citizens than the ongoing homeless crisis in Miami. Currently, a homeless camp sits deep in an industrial park in Hialeah, a place with no running water or toilets. The nearest store to gather supplies or to use a flushing toilet is about a fifteen minute walk away if you are healthy enough to walk. (One man at the camp is an 84-year-old man in a wheelchair and cannot reach these stores without assistance.) 

The Anti-Registry Movement, with assistance from Women Against Registry's Florida chapter, visited the camp and brought some underwear, socks and other supplies to the camp on Christmas Eve. Derek Logue of ARM even camped out at the homeless camp to better gauge the need there. While there, Mr. Logue observed other local charities bringing food to those at the camp (noting we were the only group bringing other supplies this day). These charities were not identified outside of being connected to local churches.

However, there is one charity, one that is the most connected to Miami's homeless, and that is the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust. Once again, Ron Book was conspicuous by his absence. He was nowhere to be found Christmas day. Go ahead, check out their Facebook page and see for yourself. And barely a day later, the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust was given an additional $30 MILLION to "expand services."

The Anti-Registry Movement has a far smaller budget because we aren't funded by lobbyists, corporations and millionaires; we are a network of regular folks who share a desire to abolish the registry. ARM raised $900 to bring the homeless camp in Hialeah, delivering brand new socks, underwear, camping goods and hygiene products to the camp. This so-called Homeless Trust, with their multi-million dollar budget, brought NOTHING to the camp.

Ron Book hasn't done anything to help the camp in so long, only a handful of folks even know the name Ron Book, much less the fact he is responsible for putting them there. The residents of this camp are too busy trying to survive to do anything about it. It isn't like they can leave on their own, either-- pretty much every resident there is wearing an ankle monitor and on parole. Don't expect a dime of the Homeless Trust money to be used on them, either, even to buy an 84 year old man an electric wheelchair.

Why do they call this organization a 'Trust" if you can trust those in charge to do the right thing?

You can read a detailed report at the Miami camp by clicking on the link below:

These are pictures from the current Miami Homeless Camp:

Those at ARM even had the opportunity to visit the site of the original homeless registrant colony under the Julia Tuttle Bridge ("Bookville"). There isn't any sign of the original camp-- even the iconic messages "We R Not Monsters" and "They Treat Us Like Shit" were painted over.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Donation drive for Miami homeless camp created by the Book family now underway

Fellow activists,

Tomorrow officially kicks off the “holiday shopping season,” and while many of you will start shopping for your families, I’ll begin my shopping for a few total strangers at the Miami homeless camp. I am heading to the camp for Christmas, and I want to spread a little holiday cheer to those at the camp who don’t have a family to spend Christmas with at the camp. Thus, I’m reminding everyone to donate to to help send some much-needed supplies to the homeless camp. My focus is on hygiene products, socks and underwear, as suggested by my contact at the camp. Socks, underwear and laundry detergent are expensive items that don’t get donated often to programs that assist the poor.

If you want to help me spread a little holiday cheer, you can send a monetary donation to Derek Logue, 8258 Monon Ave., Apt. 3, Cincinnati, OH 45216 or through Paypal to (Please don’t write checks/M.O.s to “Once Fallen,” because I can’t cash them that way.) Supplies can be shipped to this address as well if you prefer to send socks, underwear and hygiene products rather than money. If you have further questions, call me at 513-238-2873 or email me at

--Derek W. Logue of

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lauren "The Crook" Book ALREADY plotting her reelection scheme

It is never too early to grab more cash, eh, Lauren?

Florida Incumbents Already Lining Up For 2018
By News Service of Florida
November 8, 2016

While the votes have not been counted in the 2016 elections, more than two dozen incumbent state lawmakers or newly elected lawmakers have already opened campaign accounts to run in 2018.

In many cases, those candidates were unopposed for their seats this year, giving them a jump on preparing to run in 2018, including raising money.

As of Tuesday morning, the list of 2018 legislative candidates included incoming Sen. George Gainer, R-Panama City; Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Fernandina Beach; Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville; Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby; Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg; Sen. Denise Grimsley, R-Sebring; incoming Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation; incoming Rep. Jayer Williamson, R-Milton; Rep. Cyndi Stevenson, R-Saint Johns; Rep. Charlie Stone, R-Ocala; Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood; Rep. Danny Burgess, R-Zephyrhills; Rep. Eric Eisnaugle, R-Orlando; incoming Rep. Thad Altman, R-Rockledge; Rep. Cary Pigman, R-Avon Park; Rep. Jake Raburn, R-Lithia; Rep. James Grant, R-Tampa; Rep. Dane Eagle, R-Cape Coral; Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen, R-Fort Myers; Rep. Bobby DuBose, D-Fort Lauderdale; Rep. Kristin Jacobs, D-Coconut Creek; Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Plantation; Rep. Evan Jenne, D-Dania Beach; Rep. Joe Geller, D-Aventura; Rep. Sharon Pritchett, D-Miami; and Rep. Kionne McGhee, D-Miami, according to the state Division of Elections website.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Lauren "The Bimbo" Book wins Senate Seat by default

The only active politician dumber than George W. Bush
The big question now is where is all that money going to go now that the most unqualified politician in human history has won her senate seat by default?

FloriDUH strikes again. I'd elect a member of ISIS before I'd elect this worthless piece of bovine excrement to public office.

Lauren Book headed to Florida Senate, wins SD 32 race unopposed

7 hours ago

Just call her an instant winner.

Lauren Book won her Senate District 32 race Friday after no other candidate qualified for the race. A second Democrat, Emmanuel Blimie, had indicated he planned to run, but state records show Blimie did not qualify.

“Having met thousands of people in the Senate district, listening to and learning about the things most important to them, I am incredibly honored and proud to now have the opportunity and to be allowed to serve the people of Broward County and the people of Florida,” she said in a statement. “As a senator, I will always be an advocate and a voice for my constituents, and fight hard for their best interests. I cannot begin to express my excitement at this new challenge of service to the people of our great state.”

Book is a well-known South Florida Democrat. The daughter of lobbyist Ron Book, she has made a name for herself in Florida and beyond for her work advocating on behalf of victims of childhood sexual abuse.

She is best known for Lauren’s Kids. The nonprofit organization was founded in 2007, and aims to teach children and adults about sexual abuse prevention through education, awareness campaigns and speaking engagements around the world.

The group also leads the annual “Walk in My Shoes” awareness walk across Florida. Book has annually made the trek, walking the 1,500 miles from Key West to Tallahassee.

Book had earned the support of several national, state and local leaders, including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, incoming Minority Leader Oscar Braynon, and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Candidates had until noon Friday to turn in the necessary paperwork to get on the ballot. Book said she was “excited and humbled to be elected without opposition.”

“Over the past several months, our team worked very hard, knocking on doors, attending meetings, talking with and getting to know future constituents, raising money, and garnering the support of dozens of local leaders,” she said.

“We look forward to a very bright future for our state.”