Friday, May 12, 2017

Would it surprise you if I pointed out that Ron Book was a major contributor to the racist/ sexist disgraed ex-senator Frank Artiles?

Well if you are shocked by this revelation, you must be new to this blog. frank Artiles WAS a state senator until his recent resignation. Why did he resign? Read on...

Spotting her at the Governors Club Lounge in downtown Tallahassee around 10:30 p.m., Artiles, who had been drinking, confronted [Senator Audrey] Gibson: “Audrey, stop being a bitch on my bills and I’ll stop being a fucking asshole on yours.”

His words would mark the beginning of the end of his Senate career.

By the end of his tirade, Artiles had called Gibson a “girl,” Senate President Joe Negron a “pussy” and Republicans who had elected Negron “niggas.” By the end of the week, Artiles had resigned, succumbing to pressure from a Senate overcome by the scandal...

[Sen. Perry] Thurston got Artiles to apologize to Gibson for saying “fucking asshole” and “bitch,” which Thurston himself hadn’t overheard. But Gibson stormed off to the restroom — and out of the club — without the apology from Artiles that Thurston sought for everything else he had heard Artiles tell her, including “niggas.” Both Gibson and Thurston are black.

Past midnight, Thurston telephoned Senate Democratic Leader Oscar Braynon of Miami Gardens, who is also black, to fill him in. Thurston told him he had invited Artiles to apologize to Gibson on Tuesday morning. Artiles never showed.

Braynon thought of immediately reporting Artiles to Republican leaders. But he and Thurston gave Artiles two more opportunities to apologize: Tuesday morning on the Senate floor, and Tuesday afternoon at the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism and Economic Development.

Artiles didn’t want to say sorry...

Thurston emphasized the tirade was not Artiles’ first controversy. Two years earlier, a college student accused Artiles of punching him at Clyde’s & Costello’s bar. In 2014, then-outgoing Rep. Doug Holder joked he wanted to will Artiles a punching bag — a reference to a previous scuffle between Artiles and another lawmaker’s aide. Thurston suggested other incidents “are perhaps not so well documented.”

In short, Sen. Artiles has a reputation of being a racist, sexist bully. Well, I don't know if Ron Book is a sexist or racist, but he is a bully, so it is no shock that Ronald L. Book PA donated $4000 to Sen. Briles. [Also notable, GEO Group, Ron Book's client, donated $6000.] Sometimes you CAN judge a man by the company he keeps.

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