Friday, June 24, 2016

Lauren "The Bimbo" Book wins Senate Seat by default

The only active politician dumber than George W. Bush
The big question now is where is all that money going to go now that the most unqualified politician in human history has won her senate seat by default?

FloriDUH strikes again. I'd elect a member of ISIS before I'd elect this worthless piece of bovine excrement to public office.

Lauren Book headed to Florida Senate, wins SD 32 race unopposed

7 hours ago

Just call her an instant winner.

Lauren Book won her Senate District 32 race Friday after no other candidate qualified for the race. A second Democrat, Emmanuel Blimie, had indicated he planned to run, but state records show Blimie did not qualify.

“Having met thousands of people in the Senate district, listening to and learning about the things most important to them, I am incredibly honored and proud to now have the opportunity and to be allowed to serve the people of Broward County and the people of Florida,” she said in a statement. “As a senator, I will always be an advocate and a voice for my constituents, and fight hard for their best interests. I cannot begin to express my excitement at this new challenge of service to the people of our great state.”

Book is a well-known South Florida Democrat. The daughter of lobbyist Ron Book, she has made a name for herself in Florida and beyond for her work advocating on behalf of victims of childhood sexual abuse.

She is best known for Lauren’s Kids. The nonprofit organization was founded in 2007, and aims to teach children and adults about sexual abuse prevention through education, awareness campaigns and speaking engagements around the world.

The group also leads the annual “Walk in My Shoes” awareness walk across Florida. Book has annually made the trek, walking the 1,500 miles from Key West to Tallahassee.

Book had earned the support of several national, state and local leaders, including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, incoming Minority Leader Oscar Braynon, and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Candidates had until noon Friday to turn in the necessary paperwork to get on the ballot. Book said she was “excited and humbled to be elected without opposition.”

“Over the past several months, our team worked very hard, knocking on doors, attending meetings, talking with and getting to know future constituents, raising money, and garnering the support of dozens of local leaders,” she said.

“We look forward to a very bright future for our state.” 

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  1. No sooner was this article published, some butthurt loser came on here to whine like a little bitch. First off, here is the definition of bimbo:

    an attractive but empty-headed young woman, especially one perceived as a willing sex object.

    I'd say Lauren Book fits the profile, except for the attractiveness part. Personally, I think she looks like Smeagol.

    Second, plenty of dumbasses have degrees. I don't care if Lauren bought her degree from Thug U. She probably got favors to get her degree. When I was in college, the smart folks like me got paid to help the dumber college students pass their tests.

    And to suggest George W. Bush is intelligent is to deny history. George Bush couldn't open a Chinese door, couldn't say nuclear, and was a dope smoking draft dodger.

    And yes, Lauren Book has LIED, LIED, and LIED again. She lies about her opponents, for one. She lied about me, personally. She told the media she welcomes her critics to meet her in person, but when her critics came to meet her, she ran like a coward. She is going to crumple like paper as a senator, because she won't be able to run away from her opponents.

    So, MJ Parker (a Lauren Book associate), my personal response to you is to pull Ron Book's cock out of your ass.